Signature Closers cancellations

According to the latest publication SC will be inactivating notaries who have 5 or more cancellations in one month. I think this may be because certain notaries are accepting every order they receive without checking their calendar for availability in order to “snag” the order before someone else accepts. If they find out they can not do the appointment, they then cancel the order.

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Ouch!! I’ve heard of this happening - this was years ago - a notary posted that she always double and triple booked her time then, if all were a go, she’d just adjust the time for the closing.

Good - I’m glad someone is cracking down on those doing this - it’s just not fair.

I’m glad too. I always think about my availability before I accept but most often I’m not quick enough to accept. I’ve noticed many last minute offers that makes me think it was a last minute backout of someone overbooked. Unfortunately, most of those last minute offers come after I’ve booked another appointment and am not available to jump on them. I hope this does fix the problem.

I think what’s really unfair is the way the platforms work. Many are asked…often multiple times with a minimal fee increase, but only one person gets the work. Being the fastest to accept encourages “grab it while you can & give back if it doesn’t work for you” behavior.

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