Signature Closers Contact Info

Hoping someone can help me with this! :crossed_fingers:t2:

I signed up with Signature Closers about a week ago and I have been getting lots of assignments. YAY me!!

Problem is when I signed up I used my personal email account and I’m getting the notifications through that account. So, I updated my profile to reflect my business email account as primary and my personal as secondary. But still getting notifications sent only to my personal email. Now, when I login it says that my email address is not associated with a Signature Closers account. Yes, I tried both emails.
I called and emailed them to update my account but, I have yet to hear from anyone!?!

So my question is… does anyone here know of a better contact phone number or email address so I can start working. I’m getting notifications daily and I can’t do a thing. Uggh.

Thank you!