Signature closers still in business

Did a great deal of closings for them last year. But crickets this year. Has Stewart title dissolved Signature?

(CA) I still get notices from Signature Closers every day, lots of 'em. But no matter how fast I am (and I’m blazing fast :rage:) I rarely get through in time to get the assignments. Mind you, I’ve done everything known to man to speed up my phone, tried every trick, made every call, and I get maybe one out of 25 posted assignments.

Oh, yeah, they are still there, alright. Probably just gone dry in your region. Where are you located?

I have not gotten anything in weeks. But I have gotten Stewart title requests from other SS…

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Thanks for your update! I’m out of Cincinnati Ohio and used to get regular notifications. I even emailed them last weekend with no response back which is unusual for them. Glad you’re still seeing notifications from them. I do think they’ve changed quite a bit since being acquired by stewart.

I do Signature Closers & Stewart Title quite often in South Dakota. I did one just the other day and have one for next week.