Signing Companies Exploiting Us

I’ve noticed a trend of companies offering extremely low rates, $65 for full closings and $25 for modifications and this is not right. Please do not settle for fees like this. Signing companies are keeping over 1/2 of OUR fees and attempt to starve us down by using someone less experienced.

I’ve heard signing agents say " WeLL aLL those CloSings AdD Up!." So does the mileage on our cars and you’re only undermining your own earning potential and fellow signing agents, while signing company’s get wealthy and rude to Signing Agents who have made their company possible.

Please know your worth and that Signing agency’s are lying to you when they say they can’t pay you any more. Get all the training and certifications you can and stay informed.


Would you say that this is predatory?


In the sense that they are exploiting us, yes. While there is supposed to be a mutual benefit such that a signing company gives us volume and umbrella’s us with a much higher EO while working for their company, (the appeal to a TC contracting signing agents through a Signing service.) In return they get a portion of our fee, however, when they keep the majority of our fees with the volume they receive while continually attempting to reduce our fees is damaging to our profession.


You’re new to this site. Might be a good idea to look around awhile and see how your topic has been covered to death by more experienced notaries. I’m not diminishing your commentary. Rather, I’m merely pointing out that the subject is kinda worn out.


I hope you feel better.


Gotcha. :slight_smile: same to you!

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Ahahahaha! Sick burn :fire:


I feel your pain! Yesterday a 135 pg purchase signing came through with a $65 fee…10 minutes later it came back with $75 and someone took it! Mind you this SS went from $100 to $85, $75 now trying to go al low as $65 for a full purchase.


$25 loan mods where r u ?
50 signing?
my loan mods avg $75 and up to $150
my re fis are $90-250-
helocs are 75-175
seller pkge $75-250
purchase 90-275 +
I charge for size of package and travel time
I add for scan backs and then doc drops.
if Its close like 15-20 min and a small package 125pages re fi no scan backs… I can do it it under 60 -75 minutes w prep and travel time
I need X amt per hour to make a profit
if they balk at my fee well i understand
they have no loyalty at all,… for $5 difference it goes to someone else
funny how my “report cards” are all flawless no errors and I am supposedly a preferred NSA with some signing Companies…I’ve done 000s of signings …
still the nonsense.
I have a few companies who call me first (no text ) and we work a fair fee…these are direct so they pay much better then a signing company or snapdocs companies in my experience
If I’m going to that area , and they have something else so i can double or triple up, no scan backs,
I may give them a volume price but my criteria holds …larger packages take longer period.
feel sorry for the people who put up with it …that is the lo ball fees your area must be saturated
mine is too but i have never seen a 50 purchase offered
It takes a while to build a trust and relationships this $100k first year is so the promoter can make that and more selling you a education package
you need a mentor locally …NNA sell doc books to reference
i confess I took a $40 loan mod once…it was 3 houses down from my own home …and took me 20 minutes …That is $120/ hour .
i do not travel for those low fee loan mods when i get them direct for twice and 3x the fee and nobody should
I use First american signature services (FASS) they pay every week too
loan mods start at $60 to $150 in my area depending on travel distance quick and simple I print 3 copies or 2 depending on lender
one stays with client, 1 or 2 are signed and returned
one notarization 6-14 signatures depending
plus other work depending what they have in your area
good luck



I’m both baffled and motivated to hear that you can get a loan mod for more than $75! My refis for $250 either involve multiple signers or a significant travel fee. In actuality one signing was a split with $100 for a single signer and then travel and signing with two more signers at $200. I don’t think I’ve ever had a single loan for over $225.

I’ve never seen a loan mod offered for over $90 with companies that used to pay $40 now offering them for $25. I had an offer for a 19 page seller’s package for $40 which I simply couldn’t take because in working out the travel time, gas and the lateness of the hour, I couldn’t bear to do it.

I know that many new notaries have been disappointed that the huge dollars are rolling in, but by taking the low-ball fees they are harming us as community.


Something is definitely wrong with some of these signing companies. I don’t know if they are just trying to find a way to cut costs in light of the inflation we are experiencing or what. I just had to turn down a project recently, where the company had two pages worth of “possible deductions” for mistakes/non-compliance that were just really over the top. I’m not prone to make mistakes, so that’s not the issue. There were about 20 items listed that you could be fined for, between $25 and $50. Then, if you there was a discrepancy regarding something from one page, you were charged an automatic $50 penalty, in addition to the penalty assessed on the other page. Some of the “requests” were just unreasonable. It isn’t my responsibility to check behind title to make sure they have all their ducks in a row and there were no mistakes. I don’t prepare documents. Also, what if the signer doesn’t find that my “business casual” attire is to their liking. Am I going to be penalized $75, because “Mrs. Smith” doesn’t like the sweater I chose to wear with my casual slacks (I’m in Delaware, and it gets cold)? There were just too many loopholes presented in their 2-page deduction schedule for me to take a chance. Gas is nearly double what it was last year here. No thank you.


such practice hurt all of us. eventually, the more experienced notary will suffer lost.


Agreed! I do know that Notaries want the experience but is it really worth it I mean seriously! Nothing less than 85
Then on to more money!
And they don’t add up if you are in rural or mountain areas! Driving 45 to an hour in remote areas doesn’t work for “adding up” .


Please understand that the “Settlement Fee” involves much more than just the mobile notary fee or the fee to the signing service. There’s a good chance your hiring party wasn’t getting that,

I’m guessing full purchase, 50 pages, was a cash deal. Did you drop a package of documents for shipping? Did you print? Time printing, prepping, walking, double checking, shipping (maybe scanning back for table funded states?) - $70 was a bargain for them.


This is interesting because a signing company called me last week to sign me up with their company. When we got to the fees, I told her what my fees were and she said the average fees in my area were $60 because that’s what the notaries are taking. I told her I am standing firm with my fees and she said there are at least 8 notaries ahead of you and I told her fine. I’m not going to be low-balled by default. When those 8 people ahead of me don’t pan out, give me a call. Otherwise, I’m not taking your low offers. Gas is too high and that HP toner is expensive as heck, so you can keep your low fees. Geesh!!!


I have noticed many signings available at the last minute. What’s with that? I would like to take them but most times my schedule won’t fit them. It seems to happen almost daily.

I wish I had your guys issues to be honest. We newbies take the low ball offers because we don’t have as much opportunities seeing we have no experience. I’ve registered and contacted up to at least 60 signings services and haven’t got 1 notification yet maybe 60 is not allot and I need to sign up for more but still I would love to be in a position to complain about low ball offers right now haha.


Y’know, it’s kinda tough to break in. There are so many notaries out there with many willing to take the lowball offers. I’ve been in about a year now and I get all the offers I can handle in a very competitive market. However, I don’t always get them because I’m not quick enough to respond (average response time is .0000004 seconds which is often not fast enough :upside_down_face:).

My advice: hang in there; hone your skills; take some lowballs if you can to get experience and reputation; work on your GNW; and, creatively market yourself. Sooner or later you’ll break through just like the rest of us late-comers did. Just don’t let being a notary be your only means of financial support. At least, not until you’ve build a reliable practice.


Checkout the newbies section. A lot of good info and why you shouldn’t accept low ball offer, lots of examples.

I live in a heavily saturated area (100+ notaries within 5 miles) almost took a year to figure out how and why not to deal with SS.


Good for you, I do the exact same thing. I have a set price and if they don’t like it oh well, but I let them know that my error rate is almost undetectable and if they want a notary with experience just give me a call back.

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