Signing companies that don't pay

Please be advised that Signingtrac AKA Signing360 does not pay nor do they answer calls or emails.

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Was it a loan mod? I just took one from them for tomorrow.

Hey Paul they will pay but you have to stay on top of them

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I got a lawyer, and they paid me my money. I will NEVER work for them again.

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Signing 360 is just the platform they use. Other signing companies use it too.

That is not true, I emailed them where they said to at the first of the month and asked when payment would be received and they stated on the 15th and I received the payment for an e-check. Just stay on top of them to get it or call in.

Email them at support or Billing. Sometimes they get behind but are responsive and it doesn’t appear it’s purpose at all. Net 45 or sooner. They are one of the good guys :slight_smile:

You need to keep on top of them. I always let them know if, I have to take them to small claims court they will have to come to state the job is in. That means the cost sending me a check outweights the money they would have to spend to fly to the state were the job was done plus court cost.

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This is just crazy to me. I am new to this and I keep reading about people needing to chase their pay! You guys discuss it like it’s a normal every day thing. Not looking forward to this happening to me.

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A loan modification is a permanent restructuring of the mortgage where one or more of the terms of a borrower’s loan are changed to provide a more affordable payment.

I think that this is so unfair. I also don’t like this things to happen to me. Hope that you’ll get paid soon. Thanks for posting it to this forum. I think that it is a big help for other people to be aware.

Timios will agree to your fee, then keep you on the phone while they see if they can find somebody cheaper. Happened twice to me.