Signing Service Contact Info

Today signing services require an outrageous amount of info on us - from commission certifications to background checks (annually) to drivers licenses. YET- why can I not find a mailing/physical address for the signing service on their order or profile. With so many signing services not paying or slow paying- it would be helpful to have not only a phone and email - but also a physical/snail mailing address. Notary Café can you add this to the order confirmation.


The information contained on the paperwork is designated by the signing services. We here at Notary Cafe help facilitate the mailing and delivery of the order confirmations, However, ultimately, we do not decide what is included in the text of these emails.

I always suggest asking for the address if one is not shown. Whether by email or phone, I believe most of our Notary users have had success in getting the information that is needed.

That said, I will definitely pass your suggestion along. We can always use tips like this in discussion with our Signing Service partners to help them make the process easier for everyone involved.

Thank you for your input!

I’ve accepted from 10-20 signings with Signing-Solutions and I’ve never had any issues with collection of fees or contacting them by phone. Usually there contact information with be on the initial contact order. I would rate them as one of my top 5 signing services.

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Has anyone worked with American Title? I have their application now? Do they pay well? And how long does it normally take to receive your fee?

I tried to pull up Signing-Solutions website and it doesn’t seem to be working. Do you have any contact information for this company?

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