Signing Stream Company

Does anyone have any feedback on the company Signing Stream? They weren’t forethcoming when they gave me an assignment.

Avoid like the plague! Other forums have extensive info on this company. Check Notary Rotary and do a search.


I agree. Signing stream should definitely be avoided. They offered me $55 for a signing and then ended up paying me $30. I didn’t know any better because I was still so new. I would NEVER work with them again.

Stay away from them. They do not like to pay for the job you do and they short change you when they do. I told them not to ever call me again for any signings.

Sorry…not short charge but they short change you.

I have worked with Signing Stream and their pay period sucks. I got paid every two months and started with $75 now only paying $65. Print a 120 - 140 documents. Not using them anymore.

Signing Stream targets new Notaries. I was one of them who quickly became a VIP. They are very pleasant to work for as long as you don’t make a mistake and don’t ask for more than the $55. I started to request higher fees when they would ask me to travel further or on a Sunday. Usually they would be willing and would increase the fee by $5 or $10. Last month the Accounting Dept. called me and let me know she mapped out the signings that were paid extra and she said if they were within 20 miles, she was going to deduct the extra amount. After a heated discussion, she got her supervisor and we discussed the issue. I explained that it was work already done and agreed on and they could not take it away. He told me they would pay me and take me off the VIP list and don’t expect any more work from them. January was the easiest, stress free month I’ve had and I earned just as much as I usually do. STAY away from them and spread the word.

STAY AWAY !! Don’t even answer phones, unless you like to be insulted and slapped. Put this company on your blocked list or DO NOT CALL LIST. You can nowdays set your phone ringer to automatically block phones and this is one company I recommend to put on the DO NOT CALL LIST

They Don’t Pay , and IF & WHEN THEY DO ( AFTER 90 Days ) they deduct ridiculous fees. U might as well find work elsewhere. Dont be desperate and get conned.

They call me for a reverse mortgage, and ask for fax backs with $55 for the entire signing. I told the lady , If She is kidding and told her my fee is $150.
Reverse mortgage packages are “YUUGGE”. They are so huge, that it is unbelievable. :slight_smile:

She then back tracked and offered $125. I had told them to have me removed from their website and emails. Now they started calling me.

There are alot of Signing Companyies that are offering signings for 55-75, they don’t realize that our cost is the toner electricty copy paper the prepaing docs the use of our car, gas and maintenance the time to get , time taken to do the signing and many times they want some docs and then there are some that want the whole package faxed or scanned to be emailed back. WE AS NOTARIES HAVE TO DECLINE THESE SIGNING WE ARE ONLY HURTING OUR SELVES. THEY HAVE TO PAYS WHAT WE ARE WORTH. DON’T UNDERMINE YOURSELVES.

added to all of the abouve there is the cost of re-certification and background check, this is every year and then every 4 our commission and again background check even if you had a background check that particular year… So please don’t accept this closing for such low price unles its only 1-4or 5 docs. But nothing else for a low price…

This signing stream is out of business. I haven’t been paid for work completed Oct 2018 . web site and phone number I had are not active. If you have a reference phone number or working web site please share.

I quit and deleted my profile on signingstream long time ago. Scammers, low ballers etc. Very negative energy.