Snap docs Hell

I am soooo frustrated with snap docs I have been submitting my E&O ins.about 5 times at this point. I’ve given them all my docs it keeps getting rejected. At one point it showed on the system as valid.
However there is no one in support to contact to find out what’s going on it’s a vicious cycle of frustration bunch of #%!!.. sh!!
Any advice as what to do now. I keep emailing to fix it and not much of a response only “please resubmit your documents” :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

You are making Snapdocs the center of the universe, there is plenty of
SS you can get work from them !


@Mannie1950 THANK YOU!!! Wish more folks would realize this…IMO SnapDocs is the single worst thing to happen to any NSA… Followed closely by Notarize…and LSS

JMO from an oldtimer

And let us not forget text blasts and cattle calls…it’s insulting


Ally, I’d strongly recommend that you ELIMINATE them from your list of Desirable businesses to engage with for developing your client list. You don’t need them for a variety of reasons. Do a search on their name in the Notary Café Search field and you’ll discover a multitude of those reasons . . . Here’s one result: Search results for 'snapdocs' - Notary Cafe Forums

Take a few moments, Ally, and review this thread as it has a plethora of valuable data of who to (and who NOT to) submit your credentials to for receiving work:

I think because I’m a newbie and didn’t know there were other platforms . Now I do thanks

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I think I got a cattle call from a random email ever heard of “Notary Locate” man I’m getting an education. Thx

Thank you so much🙏 I’m really green so any advice helps out

Yes, I got a lot of emails to join their “list” - marked it spam. I stick with the tried and true - I was out of loan signings when ShapDocs came along and I am so glad I don’t need to perform in that circus. I feel for all of you.

I have had the same thing happen with SD. The matter was corrected after communicating with them through messenger on the SD facebook page. It was escalated and fixed within a day. ~Adam @thenotaryshow

Snapdocs isn’t worth anything anyways. Focus on other signing services. I’ve been with snap docs for months and have never even gotten an alert and I have every single document uploaded, 100% on their optional quiz, and am fully verified with a ‘high’ ranking.

Yes I had the same issue with my driver’s license and then the insurance. J think it took me a month to become certified