SNAP DOCS - removing my profile

I removed my profile, it’s liberating. Trust me!


I’m planning to do the same since most of my good paying assignments I get them from sources that do not use the SD platform. I only get low ballers, in SnapDocs and I’m always counter offering :roll_eyes:

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j_currie, may I ask why you removed your profile from Snapdocs? I am curious because I have been on their platform now for almost 3 weeks now and I have only received 1 notification from them that was 15 minutes before the appt time. I was right in the middle of something so I was unable to even look at my notification for about 15 -20 late and once I did, I knew I wouldn’t have been able to accept it anyway, the location would’ve taken me at least 15 min to get there. I have not received another notification since then. I was wondering if not receiving notifications was the reason you removed yourself from their platform?

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I am withdrawing my profile tomorrow. My iPhone is exhausted from all the unbelievable low ball assignments. Who is taking these? You can do better!!!


I believe it’s the newer signing agents.

You should check your profile to make sure everything is OK because only receiving 1 notification in 3 years doesn’t sound right. I get approx 50 - 100 notifications a day.


what area are you in?

I’m located in Southern Cali

I’ve had my account with them since December and have only received 2 notifications for signings but, even if I open them immediately and hit accept, my area (Tampa, FL) is so saturated, I haven’t been able to get a job from them. A friend of mine who told me about them, gets 6+ notifications a day for the same area. I’ve been debating on staying on the platform due to no work but I’m not sure what to do. I feel any platform I’ve signed up for is the same in my area.

I remove my profile form their site a few years ago due to all the low ball fees but if your a new agent take them for the experience you have to start somewhere


Thank you for your reply Marcia3641. I believe you may have misread the amount of time on Snap docs, it’s been 3 weeks. However, nonetheless I still haven’t been receiving notifications from them, except for the one I previously stated. I have been checking my profile and everything is in order, plus according to how they rate your ranking/ recommendations, it is listed as high. Maybe AZ has slowed down considerably? When I called NotaryGo for an assignment, I was told there was only 1 at that particular time and it was a 3 hour drive away and it was in the morning. Thank you again for your response though. Have a wonderful evening and stay safe & healthy!

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I am in Mesa, AZ. I still haven’t received any more notifications from Snapdocs or any of the other’s that actually told me that my account is active and ready including Signature Closers. I have checked and rechecked my profiles and everything is good. They have all the info on me that was requested. 3 other platforms/ Signing Services have said that they do not use any one with less than a year’s experience, 2yrs, 100 signings etc… However, I am calling Title Companies in the hopes to get some business straight from them.

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By the way inkmeup, thanks for asking.

I just got unassigned from a signing with C2C because I was asking questions the slipped up and told them I was new at this.

Oh wow, that’s crazy! I really don’t know how they expect new Notaries to gain the experience if they don’t give them the chance. Thanks for letting me know about that, it’s good to have that info. I wish you well! Stay safe and healthy!

What platforms are you using and what area are you in that you receive 50-100 notifications a day?

Hi, I’m located in Southern California. The 50 - 100 notifications come from Snapdocs alone. It’s upwards of 200 depending on the day when you add in Amrock (10 - 20), Xome (1 - 5), Bancserv (20 - 40), Signature Closures (10 - 20, can’t get this cuz they fill up fast), Signing Order (1 - 5). Those are the ones I can think off of the top of my head. I work a full time w-2 job and do this part-time but in 2019 my company was sold and my last day of work was Mar 2020 so I had to look for a new job in the pandemic. I didn’t find one until Sept 2020 but was able to do notaries full time and performed 971 signings last year. I was grinding because I had no idea how long I would be unemployed, thank goodness it was only 6 months. It was EXHAUSTING :crazy_face: bcuz in my w-2 job I worked from home and was definitely not used to that much driving :weary: and getting in the car, out of the car, in the car, out of the car, you get my drift.


Hi, yes I did misread it. Hopefully it picks up in your area soon. Are you signed up for at least 100+ signing services? That will get you more notifications.

Very interesting. Snapdocs is my best source of signings. I average over $150 per signing. I am picky and ignore any low ball assignments. It may be where I’m located and a matter of supply and demand. I do think that NSA’s taking low offers hurt all of us. I only take assignments I think are worthwhile. This is a a retirement job for me so I’m in a position to be choosy. I find signature closers to be consistently low any rarely take jobs from them.


I’m still working on signing with more. However, I’m a stickler for reading those Contracts, and many of those contracts I have some issues with in parts. When I ask for clarification before I sign, they don’t respond or send some non-relevant generic message. Very frustrating. It’s bad enough that ALL of those contracts ONLY protect the companies, but it hangs us Notaries out to dry leaving us with all of the responsibility and liability. I realize that is what our E&O policy and General Liability Insurance is for, however that still only offers some protection. It seems as though if the companies and their employees make any mistakes, they are not taking any responsibility for it and the company can use you as a scapegoat and get away with not paying you for the work you completed or attempted to complete minus the company’s mistake. Anyway, I’m sure you get my drift. So, needless to say with some those contracts set up the way that they are, it tends to slow me down a bit. I’m still calling several Title companies. Thank you for your response Marcia3641. Have a wonderful day and weekend!