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I’ve gotten two signings from C2C that I took for the experience. I now know to be asking for more money and will not be taking lowball jobs. I feel like C2C is pretty easy to work with from my limited experience and I should hope no service unassigns notaries for being new and admitting it!

C2C just offered a job, Refi for $35. Some stupid notary took it.
I wish we had a Union so that we can set our prices and not low ball us.
I also had another Refi with another company on Snapdocs and they wanted to pay $50. I countered and they called me saying that they can approve right now for $75. I stuck to my guns and said no, and told them my price. They said, I will talk with Title to see if they would pay your price. They came back and said yes they will. After seeing the Closing Disclosure, the title company paid this company $300 to find a notary. WHAT A BULLSHIT CO that is. I so dislike SD too.


Its interesting you receive assignments, and im glad you do. I have been on SD for sometime. Although I receive notices and state im available, i never received once an assignment. Most are 10 minutes to 30 minutes away. This isn’t getting me anywhere staying with SD. Im in So. California and cover over 5 counties as well. Im glad they work for you, but its a waste of my time being listed with SD.

This happens all the time with SD and others. Just to add some info on Snapdocs, they are an on line tech listing company started in Silicon Valley for Title Cos. Title can pay one fee to them for the signing and SD manages the notary hiring and payment. So they probably have a big overhead, and like everything else in Tech want to take as much as they can get from everyone. I have a listing but no longer get any notifications. Several years ago when I used to, I always countered and sometimes got a lot more money–sometimes not so much. I never took the first offer. They are middle men users. If you want to play their game, that is the only way to do it.

If CTC refers to Coast2Coast Signings - please beware. They are notorious for lowball offers ($30 for a 35 page docs; execute 2, print 3) and slow/no pay. However, there is a Coast to Coast Title Co. out of Florida that I have worked with as an MLO that is great. Be careful. It appears to be common practice for signing services to name themselves similarly to reputable businesses in order to benefit from the positive name recognition.

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When I see an offer for $35 , I immediately counter it for $125…and every time they counter with an additional $10-15 dollars- I re-counter with a higher figure then my first counter offer. In this environment, no company should be offering such a low amount for any type of service which requires the notary to print docs AND travel…


The current environment is not conducive to counteroffers, as desperate newbies are snapping up those $35 offers like there was a clearance sale on them. You can sometimes negotiate a decent price if you’re speaking one on one with a scheduler, but for the blast orders…forget it. They are purely a take-it-or-leave-it proposition right now. They go so fast that I think all of the signing agents sleep with their phones glued to their hand at night with their finger glued to the “Accept” button.


It’s been a month since I’ve signed up with snapdocs with no success. Can anyone provide feedback and tips on how to get alerts /business notifications as a loan signing agent?

I’m assuming your new to the business. This means you’re competing against those who got years and/or hundreds of signings completed. When I started I had about 120 SS and TCs. Over time some have faded into the background or I was able “cull the heard” to those most reliable. In this soft market this has become a bigger challenge.

I’ve scaled back my loan signings and started taking on legal engagements and other alternative engagements. There’s not much out there but these alternate engagements are less work.

I respectfully agree

Here’s my advice: sign up with signingorder :wink:

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That’s the thing to do: let them know that we know how much they are getting and the value of our service. I will do the same.

Notary Go is notorious for that and a few others. Rane is $50 to $65. If you ask for mileage you’re asking for too much. I dont accept any assignments. $30 is for their employer ID assignments

Wow. Im also in So. California, and I have been with SNAPDOCS for 3 years. I’ve yet to receive anything. Oh i get notices, but when i click available, im never called. I dont know how you get your assignments, but im glad they work for you.

That is their standard bull… “I’ll see if the Title Company will pay more.” What crap!

SS has contracted to do the job for a set rate. That rate is already entered onto the Closing Disclosure long before the notary call goes out.

What SS means is, “Please dangle on our hook while we wait to see if some dumb schmuck will accept our cheapie rate, before we give up $15 or $20 of our profits to you!”

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judikidd, you are absolutely correct on that. I get the same bullshit all the time.
I once got this as well… “the title company will not increase the rate, they are a cheap title company!,” they literally said that! And when I looked at the CD, they charged the title company lots of $$ for this closing. I totally hate SNAPDOCS!!!

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What are the other popular signing platforms to sign up for if not snapdocs??

Signing order is okay for volume.

Jot is new. I’ve only done 2 for them so far. The rates are more fair. We 'll see about payment.

loan depot is pretty good too

You answered my question