Snotary - Have you heard of them?

Has anyone had any experience working for Snotary?

I realize this is a few months old, but yes- I was assigned a job by them last night. and it was nothing but problems:

  1. The signing came late but my fee was gladly met
  2. They sent me the wrong documents, which I did not notice until I had printed them out. They had to send me all new documents. I ended up shredding the 140 pages of wrong documents.
  3. I called to confirm with the signers this morning (I had called at 8:30 last night and he said to call this morning). It turns out the address for the signing is 2 hours from me, as the property is just a rental they do not live at.

I will be submitting an invoice for a half fee due to printing and time, but I’m sure I will end up writing it off.

I told this company to remove me from their list because if the first signing has these types of problems, it’s a sure bet it will get worse.

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I did not take an assignment with them. I will put them on my blacklist! It gets longer as time goes on…Thanks.

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Good thing, because they are a wackadoodle company.

I just received an email from them that should have went to the other notary. They changed the city of the signing location but not the address!!! Can you believe this?

They also reduced the fee I asked for by $45, making it officially a lowball fee.

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I received this text at 8:37 PM at night: "Hello Renee my name is Marleen I work with SNotary we work with cash-call and there is a signing today in BIRDSBORO, PA 19508 it would be later on tonight anytime would you be available?

Ummmmm, no ! REALLY?

Has anyone had any recent “good” experience with SNotary? I received a text from “Faith from SNotary, a signing company with CashCall Mortgage” that I’m reluctant to respond to.

Did everything go okay with your signing and payment? I just did one for them today and wonder what to expect.