SOS Signings' Low Balling Experienced Notaries

So here’s my experience with SOS Signings in Dana Point, CA. Agencies that contact a notary from the NNA signing agent certification website believe they are entitled to cheap notaries. NNA’s certification is often required by various entities to get loan signing work. For some reason, low balling agencies use the certification as a ruse that means you are a new inexperienced notary willing to be paid appropriately $100 or under. I’m in San Francisco, the most expensive real estate in the nation so the cost of living is high here. The NNA website has summoned me for agencies as low as $85 for refi’s in San Francisco.

This morning SOS Signings offered a $100 low ball signing wage ignoring my experience today. I asked for $125 and he had to get permission for that fee. When I received the docs however, there were over 200 pages in the package. They don’t care how many documents there are when they offer $100, they could care less how much work the notary is requested in that signing and the cost of paper for 400+ pages. (The amount SOS was receiving on a two notary signing was $400!).

When I received the package I requested an additional $25 making my fee for services (10+ years experience) $150. He came back offering $15. I cancelled the appointment. The manager called back wanting to argue, then texted me that I was “insane”. To put it simply, they are getting an experienced notary public with 2,000+ signings. If they want to pay $100 for such a signing, they need to find notaries on the level of 100 signings under their belt. I get title companies calling me directly. The manager harassed me with a phone call, and two insulting texts like a juvenile from high school.

On their order, SOS says it doesn’t have to pay a notary if they don’t send an invoice within 90 days of completion of the assignment. That’s unlawful and ridiculous. They can’t create their own laws in order to fortify their greed to withhold payment.


Wow thank you for sharing that information with us

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Thank you for sharing.

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What an experience :frowning:
I’ll keep their name in my NO good list.
Thanks for sharing :+1:

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Unfortunately this is one business where experience count for nothing as there’s another LSA waiting in the wings to take the low ball assignment.

What the LSAs lacking experience fail to grasp the fee offering has no bearing on the learning curve. If they would refuse to accept these low ball engagements we’d all better for it and newbie LSA will learn just as much.

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