South Florida Signings

Last year I was doing 12-15 closings on average monthly. This year it appears to be utterly dead. Anyone else in Fla seeing the trend?
I use to work for Paramount Signatures in Wesley Chappel for almost 5 yeas but I found out they lied and cheated me out of money

With interest rates rising as well as the cost of housing, the refi business has slowed down considerably. During slow times, spend your time marketing and getting your name out there.

Paramount Signatures lost their biggest account and was robbed by an disgruntled employee. They left alot of us unpaid. The worst part is that we arent even sure at this point if they are filing tax returns and claiming the money they have paid out. I feel bad for them but thats a bad way to do people in the end.

I’m having the same problem.
Last year I couldn’t keep up i had so many, one day I completed 4 signings, however, I haven’t completed one for this yr yet.
I’m in NC

Than’s no exactly true…they did lose their biggest account but the so called disgruntled employee story is a lie. I have spoken to her and she is taking legal action against the company and Victoria.

I estimated my earnings and reported it on my tax return.

Look up the corp on Fla Sunbiz. Get the corp officer names and sue them
You may need PI to help you which I am

O wow so I was lied to also! Yes we have to report it but I doubt she will even file. Thank you for the update. She only owes me $100 but she gave me a ton of work so Ill call it even.