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Please be aware that Speedy Sign Notary attack again.
Today they have called me with their assignment, of course with senior lady, to take only 2 anknowledgements and copy of her ID and credit card… The lady on the phone told me she found me on Notary Cafe. Than I have received their email:

Good afternoon Dorota,

Thank you for your time on our call and for your acceptance of this assignment.

Please confirm your receipt of this signing order.

Please reach out to the client and confirm the best time and write me back here with the time agreed to.

We are Speedy Sign Notary Services and we serve as a third-party signing service for CREDIT SERVICES LLC. We want to be there every step of the way for both you and the client.

Please write back here upon arriving at:
Client Name:
Phone Number:

Fee agreed: $75.00
Method of Payment: E-Check
Terms of Payment: NET 30 terms

Please take a photo (or photocopy) front and back of the CREDIT CARD CITI MASTERCARD listed on the last page of the agreement
Take a photo (or photocopy) of the Client ID and the second form of ID to prove ownership of the card such as:
    Medicare card with the SS on it
    A copy of any tax document showing the SS and their name
    A copy of a utility bill (must be provided monthly
    W-2 form or 1099
    Pension receipt

Scan back the completed package back here

Please write me back here if you have any questions.
Speedy Sign Notary
(386) 518-1611

I always search for reviews, and if they said - my name was taken from Notary Cafe, I was just interested what kind of review people here have about this company - after I have CONFIRNED my appointment with the person I was asked to meet with… When I have called her, she was quite confused, why do I want to meet with her, she told me she received some calls from somebody last week but she never ordered any kind of debt relief program.
What was funny, I got another call from strange speaking (Indian?) person who asked me if the meeting is confirmed already what is the time of this meeting etc…
But what I did - after reading your reviews, I send text message to the lady senior, that no appointment will be performed by me, because it is not legit for me as Notary Public to take any pictures of her ID, credit card (she really felt confused with this appointment)
I am going to report it to the Police - OMG just hard to believe…I am happy I could see your reviews here and to stop this scam


I reported this email from Speedy Sign Notary to Police office,
I post here this message to warn other notaries, especially new notaries, to be aware and to alert.
This “assignment” was scheduled for tomorrow. I have informed the senior lady that I am sorry about my call no appointment will be done, because - NOTARIES are not allowed to make pictures of any vital ID, have informed Police right away.

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Good job Dorota!! Kudos to you.

We have to work as a community to protect each other especially the elder ones in our community……:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

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