Speedy Sign Notary Signing Service

Hello! Has anyone worked with or heard of Speedy Sign Notary Signing Service, I tried to google search but nothing came up. Just curious. I have an assignment from them. Thank you in advance.

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I did a quick Search Function for you. Here is a recent thread that contains much beneficial information for your search: WARNING: Rapid notary - #15 by lascherr1


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Hi! This is great info! I truly appreciate the feedback. It’s my first time on here and I thought I did the search in the bar correctly, but thank you for pointing it out. The info you provided from lascherr1 was helpful.

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Are Rapid Notary and Speedy Notary one and the same company? @signaturemobilenotary2021 it would help if you gave more info for the company you’re asking about, like maybe a phone number or an address? Or a name to go along with it?

Not trying to be critical or give you a hard time…but can you safely say Speedy Sign Notary Signing Service and Rapid Notary are the same companies?

@LindaH-FL Hmmm . . . I’m uncertain that anyone is inferring there’s a connection between the two companies or that they’re affiliated.

The url link I provided was on the Rapid Notary thread and the post I referenced very recently addressed Speedy Sign (see screen shot below):


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Yes I have heard of “Speedy Sign Notary”, their email address is Speedynotarysignings@gmail.com.
I did a “Debt reduction” for them on 3/29/22, with a supposed term of net 30 & to be paid by echeck. Needless to say I have been scammed out of $125. They do not respond to emails only to say they have forwarded my email to "legalcarefast@gmail.com.
Does anywone know what city/State they are allegedly located in??
Terry Prillaman, tsp87780@gmail.com (Illinois)

@tsp409 Within the thread I referenced in my post above, there is an entry that identifies “Wilmington, NC”

See the referenced thread here: WARNING: Rapid notary - #21 by Assembly


OK update to Speedy Sign Notary - they are located in Orlando, Fl I believe. I Sent email to Adam Lupton AKA LaBreck on April 5
email address is speedynotarysignings@gmail.com
the same day I received payment from Unlimited Solutions in the form of an echeck to pay the invoice he owed me so now all is good - that was strange and I don’t want to do business with Speedy whatever anytime soon but he came thru with payment. net 120 days

These guys at Speedy Sign Notary got me for $80. They respond to your email by giving you legalcarefast@gmail.com. A complete scam!