Spruce (thru Signature Sync)

Have gotten a couple of offers recently via Signature Sync for a company called Spruce. Can’t find anything on them in any of the forums, although from Google I do see there is a company called Spruce Closing, fairly new. Anyone have any experience with them?

Signature Sync is Signature Closers ‘platform’.

I’ve done 2 signings for them since the 1st of July. Both signings were good experiences – they paid average fees for this area, and paid within 5 weeks.

Avoid these people–dishonest and unethical. Classic “bait and switch.” Just recently, accepted an order, and found out AFTER the fact that it required scanbacks of the entire set of docs. I wrote (politely) back, and explained that scanbacks add additional time and processing, and thus I charge I higher fee. This is the second time this has happened with these folks.

I always take the high road in these instances, and apologize for any misunderstanding,etc. In this case, the response from Kellie was the most unprofessional thing I’ve seen in 20 years of business. Abusive, demeaning, and rude. It was 100% their fault, but they told me I was “DNU.”

Confirmed with signing service that it was their fault as well. Don’t waste your time with these people–it’s a money-losing proposition. This is what happens when people with very little authority are given an ounce of power.

In short: average pay, large docs (average package >150 pages,) scanbacks required to be uploaded (20MB limit per file, which makes it VERY time consuming).

Most importantly: unethical bait and switch policy. This has happened twice now–once I called them on it and they paid, the second time, the unhinged rep went off the rails.

Just avoid.