Stop pym *The Closer LLC

Has anyone completed work for The Clouser LLC and them the payment was stopped? I completed 2 assignments back in September and was paid in late October beginning of November. Well yesterday I received a letter in the mail with stating there was a stop payment on the check so the funds were reversed I was livid, sent an email right away last night but I will be calling them first thing this morning cause I am frazzled and iffing annoyed.

Over the years, I’ve had a few NSF checks (thus far, always made good w/my bank’s fees added), but never a ‘stop payment’! On another forum, I saw someone else with your same complaint who stated that they made it good in a reasonable amount of time. Just really odd that they’d stop payment and then make it good. What’s that about?

@Aritchter, I am not sure been calling all morning but I just remember there and on the East Coast, so I will be calling back very shortly. Will be sure to update.

Have you got an update? I have never had an issue with them.

@hodgy03038 as of today I have not received any update as to why the payment was stop or if it was done in error. What I do know is that I want my $300 for the two orders I completed. I call once a week so I am just waiting. Like you I have never had an issue so it is very odd.

Thanks for the update. It is very strange. If you ever get a positive outcome please let us know.

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