Sunshine Signing Connection issues

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I will never work with Sunshine again! First of all, they pay a very low fee, $50, for any kind of signing. Lately I get only Debt Settlements from them, which I won’t do again either. I had a no-show from the signer, waited for 2 hours late in the evening, and they never paid me because I couldn’t provide them with a log of my after hours call to them. Too much hassle and stress for little money!

Your problem began with accepting $50.


I think Debt Resolutions are what they specialize in? I get plenty of these BUT I only take them when they are 1)within a few miles from my home or 2) close to an appt Im already going to be at. While they aren’t for everyone I do a few a month based on the above parameters. Ive found the staff to be VERY accommodating and they will negotiate price.


I work for these folks alot. Never do anything more than 25 miles. if its more than that I negotiate my 50$ fee based on 1$ per mile one way above the 25 miles. ie: if its 50 miles its 75$ etc etc.
They have always paid. I did have a no-show one time and called the after hours number to make sure they were notified so i would get paid.

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I know. I am reluctant to go so low but it was very close to home and it was only that time. Never again. I am shocked though that there are so many notaries that accept anything. Recently I got a message from N3 (never heard of them) and offered me $20 (!!!). I declined and after one hour I got an email approving a fee increase to $22.50. WOW, isn’t that something?!

Just got an offer for a buyers package with full scanbacks at 5:00 PM, for a fee of $50! It’s crazy to even think that a fee of $50 would be accepted so why put that in as an offer? Title is paying out at least $150. At least they should be reasonable with the offer, or maybe that’s just their default offered fee.

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Just received text from them for $45 Loan app.