Sunshine Signing Connection

Yes, and have had no problems.

they are high drama…they only call me with crazy signings…like 7 am the next morning then call me back within the hour and reschudle it for a week later at 10am…they call like 5 times per assignment…and to let you know docs are up…i’m like “i know, i get an email and text message when they upload” totally unnecessary especially @7pm when they interrupt my dinner…

One of the best agencies out there. They pay promptly within 30 days and staff are very professional.

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Yes! Very good company to work for.

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Keri is very shady! She had me drive and 1.45hr to a signing then I called her client - didn’t answer until 2 hrs after I left. I emailed them and they removed it from my docx then didn’t want to entertain payment. I won’t go out of my way for her. Too shady! I left my house at 5:30am to get there at 7am then I get there her client pull this stunt when they saw all my correspondence she removed then didn’t pay. Shady as hell!

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They use SD, so you’re saying the scheduling coordinator deleted the closing from SD or all your comments listed therein the order?

I don’t work for them anymore because they are low ballers and offer debt consolidation/settlement gigs, which I no longer do.

I swear I was so shocked I couldn’t believe it. But like I said I will be very careful with any company that will ask to drive that far and earlier than 8am.

I usually get them too but I don’t mind but that one really hurt…

Why on earth would you drive 1:45 for a signing? By the time you factor in your time, travel, gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, you are loosing money.

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Indeed, they are low-ballers and they do only debt settlements. They didn’t pay me for a signer’s no-show. I don’t like them and I will never work with them again.

I can honestly say that Sunshine signing connection from my experience are okay to work with. Yes, they do low-ball offers, but they have a lot of jobs and they pay on time. Before I do a job for them, I make sure that I confirm the appointment with the signer before I print out anything or travel to their location. You have to follow the instructions they give before you do the job. I will not travel to someone’s house that I have not confirmed with before hand. That is just when I feel that the person will cancel and I’m not going to be wasting my paper and gas.

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They do more than debt settlements.


Sunshine Signing Connection Company is a pleasure to work with, and they pay within the 30 days of a signing. I love the echecks too!

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I’ve worked with Sunshine, but it’s been several years. Can’t recall a pay issue. I’d give them a shot again.

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Their fee is $50 and I think that is insulting.

You only Notarize one page. For the state of Maryland that is just $4.00 the $50 covers travel and supply use. It only takes you 30 minutes to do those, plus it isn’t that many pages.

I had a signing through this service last night. When I got there I was told it was a power of attorney signing. Knowing this was a problem, I called the after hours number of the service questioning whether I should proceed. I was told to proceed with the signing. The next morning I was told that the paperwork was no good because it wasn’t POA paperwork. I told them that the after hours person told me to continue with the signing, which took two hours. The manager lied to me that the recording revealed that I was not told not to continue and it was a misunderstanding. My fee was cut from $140 to $100. It is doubtful I will do any more jobs for this company. I do not appreciate being lied to while they were covering their a— and having my fee cut when I was doing what I was instructed to do. No Notary would continue with a 2 hour signing when told not to do it, duh!