Superior notary services

Do not work with this company.

Superior Notary Services
3990 Lakeway Drive | Suite 109 | St. Paul, TX. 75098
Office 972-243-4600 | Direct 214-299-5003 | Fax 214-550-2578

They are crooks !!! The owner Lauren Smith is a con artist. They try to get you to work for free or little to nothing. If you print documents they will not pay, you will have to collect from her clients.


I’ve done six signings for them this year, and been paid in an average of 27 days, never had any problems with them.

I have done work in the past and have been paid by them, however the fact still stands work and printing was done on behalf of them and their client. A simple printing fee is common practice. Ms. Smith turned very ugly and hateful and her true colors came out. This shows that she does not care about the notaries that make her money only the bottom line. Thank goodness her client ponied up and paid with a credit card.