Supplemental Income

Hi agents,

I am curious, :thinking: when its slow what other jobs or sources of income that you guys have? I am considering settlement agent certification and thinking is it worth it? I don’t want to go back to working for a company … what’s your advice agents? :hugs:


Find a second source of revenue that’s not dependent on the Real Estate industry. Working as a settlement agent and signing agent means when the Real Estate business declines, and it will, both of your revenue streams will be impacted. Your second stream should be divested from each other.


I have a full-time job, and I focus on general notary work, field inspections from time to time, and ink fingerprinting, I have no desire to do loan signings. It’s a lot less stress, :grin:. For some GNW, you can make as much as a loan signing, but you have to market yourself. Find other things to use your notary commission with. Can you officiate weddings in your state? I also Doordash from time to time, not glamorous, but it’s extra income if I come up a little short.

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