Sysco Scam

With NSA work slow, in a post on here or in one of our other Notary Forums a ‘Lynn Butler’ posted to us that Sysco was hiring and messaged me and told me to download the app Telegram. She even screenshotted her direct deposit from them. Needless to say it was all a scam and I was a fool. It was very extravagant between this app, email and messenger. I deleted it as I thought was fishy, but then was thinking well it was here on our sites and she showed me on messenger and I added it back. I feel so stupid. I lost a lot of money, filed a police report and just hope that you all don’t fall prey to that as well. I have never fallen prey and am always thinking how did they get scammed? That seems so obvious and while I clearly had reservations, the whole picture and my environmental noise/need I trusted. Please be careful!

@MobileEmeraldCoastNotary Sorry to read about your experience.

Even the most cautious can sometimes fall victim . . .

Appreciate your efforts to alert others & to be wary. :sparkles::pray:


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