Technical Issues on Signing Order

After two months of responding that I am available for jobs that are sent out via Signing Order, I finally got a yes for signing that needs to be completed in 2.5 hours. Unfortunately, when I logged into Signing Order and went to my dashboard, there was no order showing. The Signing Company called me and I let them know what was happening. They kept sending the order and I kept logging out/logging in and refreshing, but nothing happened. I reached out to Support at Signing Order and they reported that the order was showing on their end. I sent a screenshot to show that there was nothing showing on my end and unable to confirm anything. The Support person from signing order’s only was to send me a link to log back in, but it didn’t help anything. Unfortunately, the Signing Company had to reassign the order and I lost my chance to complete my first ever signing. I’m so discouraged! Has anyone had this experience before, please help!!! I don’t know what else to do! I can’t afford to keep missing out on these few and far between opportunities.

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Sorry to say it, but it seems all the platforms have some flaw. Some worse than others.
Really wish they’d go back to calling, but doubt that will happen as the platforms work well for them while killing us.

Thanks for responding! I just hope that I will get another chance sooner rather than later. And that it will actually happen.

That happened to me once only I was at the table. The signer had a question, I called Signing Order and was told that there was no assignment. What??? I had documents in hand. The signer called her contact, there was long wait. We joked about coffee and donuts, if only we had known. Finally, the lender had the answer the signer needed. The assignment was still on the dashboard and I was able to do scanbacks.

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Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for responding to me! That’s awful! It sounds like you were able to handle it gracefully. I am hoping this is just a fluke, but I’m starting to suspect not so much. Have you had experiences with them that went completely smoothly?

Yes, Katsnewjourney that was a fluke. I’ve done other signings that went well. They are usually reliable.