Temporary Identification

I was recently handed a temporary ID as identification, a paper drivers license on a standard sheet of paper, issued by Arizona DMV. The signer had recently moved in from another state, and no longer had their old license. I was reluctant to take it as this document could easily be forged by a 10 year old with the right software. Title said take it anyway. Here’s what the Arizona SOS said about it:

“The temporary identifications have a statement that states it is up to the receiving party if the copy will be accepted for identification purposes. I have personally seen some where it is pretty clear that it comes from the MVD and I have also come across some where it is questionable since they appear to be a copy of a copy. We always instruct notaries to use their best judgement when it comes to this.”

For my money, I wouldn’t ever take this document without first clearing it with the title company or lender.

No photo, eh? Or other supporting IDs? I wouldn’t accept it regardless of what receiving party thinks is OK. YOU are the notary and will be held responsible for accepting questionable ID should bad things happen.