The closer LCC

A big shout out to the Closer LLC

I was assigned a signing three weeks ago that was pushed out to this coming Monday. Today title posted a slightly odd message in snapdocs. “Borrower requires porch signing with full PPE”. While this isn’t totally odd it is unusual as it’s out doors during what is forecasted for snow.

When I called the borrower I he told me that he had tested positive for covid two days earlier and he is trying to protect me the best way possible. I advised I was going to withdraw as I’m not willing to do a signing with a positive result. He was understanding and made a last comment “I’m surprised title didn’t tell you. they know about my situation which is why they suggested the porch signing”.

I went to the closer and asked them to withdraw me and explained the conversation.

The next message I saw from the closer to title “Title: We are canceling this order until the customer tests negative”.

as we all know some of the signing companies would have hidden this and tried to re-fill the slot, but these guys put their foot down instantly. Good work!


That is the most appalling and disgusting story I’ve ever read on any forum. A title co. willing to put both a notary at risk for covid and their signer who is already sick at still higher risk for getting sicker.

And a huge THANK YOU to The Closer, LLC for their responsible behavior.


This is a very disturbing story. I am so glad you politely declined.

thanks for posting this. Something to be aware of for sure

I have been waiting for my payment from the closers since sept. I have sent emails and the lady said the checks went out in the mail on 10/23. It is now November 11th. I have not received anything yet. What is the next step, they will not response to my emails. I have don’t serval closing for this company in sept/oct.??

Wow! That is frightening! Kudos to The Closer LLC for sure! We all need to keep each other safe!

how many companies even ask? how many borrowers lie?
I still will not go to certain areas , and i notice the companies reissuing the signing to fill it.
what title company was it?
they’re the snakes for not cancelling immediately

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Testing positive does NOT mean someone is sick.

True. But sitting outside in weather cold enough to snow doesn’t seem like the healthiest idea for anyone.

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No lie. I would refuse the request, just as I have refused to sign in garages in the middle of the day this past summer out here in Phoenix. More than once, too.

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This company does not pay???

I’ve never had an issue with payment from them.

I love The Closer LLC. I have had lots of great experiences with them.

Stop working for middlemen/women ! End of story , If u have the guts to refuse jobs , and take a stand in principle that “I will not work for middle men” >> You are a NOTARY PUBLIC !!
YOU GET IT Companies must engage notaries directly and NOT via PIMPS

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