Trailing Docs Fee

I received 3 documents from the title company to get signed by the borrower and these documents were not included in the original loan packet.

What is the standard fee to return to have them signed?


Never had that experience before, I assume they must have forgotten those documents, meaning NOT your fault or responsibility. You should mention to them that since you have to get there the same way you did the first time, then you need to charge the same or 1/2 or 2/3 its fee. Explain to them that you are investing time and car usage. Let me know how it goes :woman_shrugging:t2:


Agree with BluePen - that’s up to you based on time and travel involved (and cost of notarization if applicable) - keep one thing in mind - if any of those “trailing docs” need to be notarized, the notarization MUST contain the current date…if the signing was anytime before today you can’t backdate your cert.


None of the documents need to be notarized - just a signature. The title company must have forgotten them because they were not included in the original loan package - 3 pages that require 2 signatures from the borrower.

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Travel time, mileage, for sure. Plus a reasonable fee for ‘table time’. If you really don’t want to make the trip, it might be possible for Title to just deal direct with the signers.


Keep it simple and reasonable especially if you plan on doing business with them again. No notarizations, only signatures? Hmmm, $30.00 seems fair but no more than $50.00.

But that’s just my two cents on the matter.


I charge $75, of just pass. They will pay, or they can use someone else maybe. It’s so busy right now, why even make the trip for $50.


Well, they were the one who put the price, and even asked me if $90 was fine, I asked “can you add another $10?” and they accepted. The way I see it is that they didn’t know how many pages and still charged their client the usual fee, easily $350 plus for a refinance.
Is only one page from a previous signing from this past June.
I just leave as it is.

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Exactly! I don’t want to be in the low ball bin as a newbie for the rest of my notarial terms.

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I just received Trailing docs for a VA loan (14pgs). The days are not current. These would need to be corrected by the whomever sent it correct.

Not sure What you’re referring to…training docs?

I’d suggest contacting hiring party

It’s a package that needed correction or documents were left out from the original package. It’s called trailing. The Lender asked me to have the Borrower cross out, date, and initial.

You answered your own question…“The Lender asked me to have the Borrower cross out, date and initial”…the Borrower makes the corrections and dates however they’re instructed. You on the other hand…if any notarizations are involved, you MUST use the current date in your certs. No backdating. (Despite advice from certain companies to the contrary)

Make sure you charge for this…the error is on them for leaving docs out. If the 14 pages are your errors then the correction is on your dime…printing, time, travel…the works

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