Trying to get my profile to 100% need help

I’ve been working on my profile and really want to get it to 100%. I’ve added everything and it still says 88%. How do I get to 100%? Also I added a lot today and it never changed. Does it take a review process to change? Will it change later? Please help

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Hmmm . . . that’s a very interesting question.

The first place I’d search for that answer would be to left click on the Support tab (above on the navigation ribbon) to review all the FAQs.

Here is the direct url link: Notary Cafe | Contact Us for Responsive Support

If I couldn’t find the answer within the FAQs, I’d submit a query (top of the Support page) via the submission form to gain additional insights.

Finally, once you find the answer to your query, please come back to your thread and post the answer for sharing. :sparkles::angel:

Have you been able to get your profile to 100%? Mine has been stuck at 68 for weeks, although I’ve added to it a few times.

@pam1 I had to add more details to my personal bio and introduction to get 100%. Hope this helps!

Thank you. I’ll give it a try.

Hello All,

The completion percentage is a measure of how many of the available fields have been completed and is heavily influenced by the quantity of characters (not quality) provided in the Introduction and Experience section of your profile. By adding a little more information to this section, you can increase the completion percentage. Just to clarify, the completion percentage measures the “Professional Introduction & Experience” and not the “Personal Bio.”

This number does not affect your listing position or visibility in our network.

One note - The completion percentage number may not be updated immediately after a change to your profile. It can sometimes take up to 24 hours to reflect changes, depending on the timing of when your profile is synced across our network.


Mike @ Ntary Cafe Support

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