Unlimited Ink service

I responded to a job posting for a low fee with a higher fee request in my rural area. I received a very long email telling me basically that they wouldn’t even look at my response unless no one agreed to their fee. Duh! Don’t they all do that. Insulting email I think. They also touted using only Notaries on SigningOrder.comwho have a professional profile photo, a good bio including their work experience, and NotaryStars.com training with a Notary2Pro certification. You may learn more at Notary Stars offers LIVE Training for New and Existing Notary Signing Agents anyone ever heard of this.

Yup I’ve seen that one… I also assume this is the email that says “our rates are contracted rates and are competitive in the market.”

I’ve never actually taken a job from the companies that send that response as I find it offensive.

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They also take 60+ days to pay you your low fee

I’ve done work for Unlimited Ink and was paid in less than 30 days.


This is the terms & conditions from their orders… Would be nice if they paid everyone in 30 days

Our Payment Policy

Unlimited Ink Notary generally pays assignments within 30 days of closing, or less but reserves the right to pay within 90 days of service for select clients. Most payments are sent within 30 days. It is Unlimited Ink’s policy to never withhold money from a notary for service but funds must be received from the client prior to disbursement. Please note all clients are given up to 30 days to make payment before we send a client demand letter.

Can take up to 90 days… yikes