US Certified, anyone?

I wanted to hear if anyone else has a difficult time getting payment from these folks? I worked for them quite a bit several months ago, and it took me more than 2 months to get paid. I went ahead and picked up several signings from them in August, and I still have not been paid. Their policy says within 21 days. Additionally, I could not get a response to my emails asking for payment until I mentioned that I would be following up with title if I didn’t hear from them.

They require a ridiculous “notary agreement” be signed and emailed on each and every order when completed. My experience both back in January -February and this month was that they never received them. This month, they even responded as “received” when I had to go through and send them all a third time. This was Monday of this week (it’s Friday) and I was told the check would be processed…today I get an email asking if I had sent the Damn agreements in…AGAIN. The check is for $1650, so it’s a chunk!

Just trying to see if this occurring twice was a fluke, so I can decide whether to continue accepting signings…thank you in advance.

Never worked with 'em …but am hearing Red Flags flapping.

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Haven’t heard of them. Glad you posted this and I do hope you get paid.

I did one for them June of last year and I got paid in November I did have to follow up with them to get paid and send my agreement which they did explain but I did not initially read/remember.

Once I followed up with them with the agreement, they immediately paid. I followed up with them on November 19 and heard back immediately and remitted their agreement, which they said served as their invoice. They immediately paid me upon receipt on November 20th.

Quirky and undesireable payment system, but ultimately it was my error that caused the delay.

That happened to me the first time as well, but they kept telling me they hadn’t received it…quirky is right. Makes me wonder how many notaries never get paid because they forget they even did a signing. Also quirky because generates an invoice…and they sure do know which signings they owe-think about it…they have to invoice title and when title pays them, they know exactly which signings they’re being paid for sooooooo wouldn’t they know who they owe for the signing?

I think I’m done with them.

I make sure to reply to the email thread so it us undeniably there. If they say they haven’t received I refer to our current thread and the attachment with their requested agreement / invoice.

I agree with you, there are plenty of companies that will not pay unless you bring an overdue payment to their attention.

Once a quarter I go through my accounts receivable and then approach those companies.

I have yet not been paid by anyone in 3000 signings but I certainly have had to follow up with a handful of companies to get paid.

I agree…I don’t nitpick a SC until it’s over 60 days and that’s rare. But…these folks first won’t respond to emails asking for payment despite the fact that I DO send my request and ANOTHER copy of the notary agreement…a few weeks later I tell them I’ll be reaching out to title if I don’t hear back within a week and that gets their attention but even then!!! I had to email the foolish agreement in TWICE MORE. So…unacceptable.

I was hoping to see a whole bunch of folks tell me they have no issues, so I could chalk it up as a fluke that it happened twice. The first time it was over $2000, and I’m sure You understand that because I did so many signings for them in a short period I didn’t do nearly as many signings for anybody else and therefore that means no income coming in for those time periods where I was working for them so much. Oh well. There are a lot of Signing companies out there still that pay on time and that is who I will work for.

I rarely see work come across from them where I am and I generally have a pretty full schedule so they would fall Into the category of pickup or fill in work.

I have a rule for myself that if whatever the situation is that makes you unhappy with a company then pass on the work or put them on the bottom of the priority list.

The way I feel about working with some companies can sometimes even depend on the day and a lot of variables.

Lol! ME TOO!!! I’ll say “NEVER AGAIN!!!”…but…then I have an hour to kill close to an offer that comes over… I’ll think-well, why not. After all, a surprise $125 payment 90 days later is always fun. :+1: