USA Signing Agents - Has anyone worked with them?

They are now offering PayPal as a form of payment. Are they reliable and credible

PayPal is a honest company so far. I been using them for a year. Good Luck!
Annie’s Notary

No matter how fast I reply back to these people they always say they already given the closing to someone else. I think they are just getting notaries to pay to join them but there are no closings. I don’t bother with them anymore. Its a waste of money and time.

I was going to sign up with them but to activate your profile you have to pay $39 per year. Does that sound right?

I signed up two years ago. never received any signings from them. Nothing!! I will never pay to get signings again. This is a waste of my money!!!

Not according to the BBB. See this link

I get these ads too and tried to junk them, unsubscribe etc and they keep coming back. They are persistent but it appears that you are throwing your money away to sign up with them.

Wow! Thanks for your feedback.