Veteran Loan form

Question. I have a Veteran form in my document the borrower is to sign but at the end of the line it says seal. I’m not sure if I am suppose to notarize or if this is just the military way of saying sign? Thanks.

If there is no notarial language on the form then, yes, it’s just for the veteran borrower’s signature

When in doubt, confirm with hiring party

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Ok thanks. There isn’t a regular notary space to stamp and complete so I figured it was military verbiage.

Seal is not necessarily military verbiage. I have gotten a lot of documents that request a seal from the signer. A seal is a request for the borrower to sign.


When you see the word “Seal” next to the signer’s signature line, it just measn “Signature”. Don’t place your stamp there. Many new notaries have made the mistake of stamping everywhere it says “Seal”. That just causes a lot of headaches for all involved.

Yeah, like she said. “Seal” is just an out-of-date way of saying “signature” that the producers of the document are just too lazy to eliminate. You should only notarize where indicated and ignore this “seal” business. If ever in doubt, call the title company or escrow.

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Thanks this is exactly what I was suppose to do. I contacted the title company to verify.