WARNING: AOE Signings, LLC, Tempe, AZ, D Will Torres/CEO => (formerly “Never Sleep Notary” that's now out of business)

I am dealing with the same issue of non payment. It has been 45 days since I did a signing with a 4 hour turnaround time. I am not able to get through on the phone due to they have too many messages. I will send another email and hope I get my compensation.

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@darla Thank you for the update. Wishing you the very Best with your collection efforts.


Do not take any orders from this company. I should have read the reviews before accepting the order from Signingorder.com
I still have not been paid. It has been 90 days since the signing has been completed. The owner keeps giving me the run around. Contact the title company and lender and let them know what kind of people they are hiring so they are aware.

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Same exact situation I am going through with him. He is delaying time. Everything you posted is exactly what he told me. So dang frustrating!

That has always been my method as well, but with AOE all that method has achieved is one lie after another. I finally got fed up and called him on his lies and that I would have no alternative other than to proceed with several steps that I outlined.

He immediately replied he would pay via Zelle or Venmo. I sent him my info and still nothing.

I have sent one final threat and if no funds by tomorrow I will make it my personal mission to pit an ebd to such an unscrupulous practice

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I did a signing for AOE Signings in June of this year for which I have not been paid. I have been trying to reach them by email and phone and have heard nothing back. What is our course of action when this happens?

Hi Alexandra,

Most commenters on AOE, or any signing service, will tell you to contact the title company about non-payment.

I think any title company that has not vetted signing services and use them with no regard are as much and actually more of a problem than the dead beat signing service.

I drafted a letter to the Secretary of State and Department of Regulatory Agencies.

These are the agencies that authorize a business to operate in the state.

I fill in the dead beats name and contact info and address it to the SOS and DORA offices in my state and the dead beats state.

Then, I email the letter to the dead beat and offer them 3 days to pay me via PayPal. If no payment is received, I then send the letters to SOS and DORA asking them to suspend the dead beats authority to conduct business until I receive payment.

These dead beat companies don’t want to hear from SOS & DORA.


Did an assignment on September 29th and have yet to get paid. The Voicemail full over a week and could not leave a message. I found his personal number and email and tried to call. He sent a message immediately saying “sorry, I’m in A closing.” I waited for the next day to call him back and left a message about how he should understand about how notaries need to get paid, since he does closings, and depend on compensation to continue to run a business. No call back, no text, no payment. I sent a message to Stewart Title from a lead I got here on this site. Cindy sent an email to him and CC’ d me, requesting that he remit payment immediately and to send proof of payment. That was nearly 10 days ago. I still haven’t heard a peep from him. This was a 4-hour round trip from me for the signing. HArd Lesson learned!!! After that, I got another offer from another company, which I turned down after researching and found the same problems of non payment.

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Shame on Stewart Title and the escrow agent that assigned the job to AOE without vetting them.

The industry is slow enoug now that there is little excuse for escrow officers not looking for a notary to do a direct assignment.

With escrow agents using dead beat signing services, the Notaries Public need to insist on being listed on the settlement statement and paid by title during disbursement of funds. Title can pay SS their portion seperate from paying the notary.

Respectfully, Guy

I also did a signing for AOE Signing LLC back on July 20, 2022 and have not been paid. The signing went great and the clients were awesome. But, I have now turned my invoice over to my attorney to file a claim on their surety bond for non payment.

Notary, I reached out to Stewart Title in hopes of recovering my compensation for a job I did about 60 days ago on a net 45 from AOE. Hard lesson learned. This was Cindy’s kind response:
Hi Darla

Unfortunately Dylan Torres has completely stopped responding to any of our requests. You will need to contact AZ BBB and AZ Secretary of State and NNA and report his commission number and take legal action against him and AOE. Im so very sorry. When we found out about his unethical work practices we immediately cut ties and stopped using his company.

Cindy Canales

Sr. Escrow Officer

Stewart Title Guaranty Company-Centralized Title Services

Hello Kuttingedge01,

Did you ever receive payment for the work you did?


I say again, the only reason Signing Services like this one exist are because of inept, uncaring, unethical escrow agents and title companies that do not vet the companies they use to find Noteries Public.

Escrow Agents and Title Companies are so concerned about Notaries screwing up a closing and souring a deal. Yet, they aren’t concerned enough to protect Notaries from the unscrupulous Signing Services they choose to find the notaries.

Notaries need to be named on Settlement Statements ant their fees paid directly by Title/Escrow on the day of funding. Everyone else gets paid on funding day. What makes Notaries less worthy of immediate payment; please tell me!!!


No I have not been paid and the signing was on July 20, 2022 fee is $85

Notaries need to be named on Settlement Statements ant their fees paid directly by Title/Escrow on the day of funding. Everyone else gets paid on funding day. What makes Notaries less worthy of immediate payment.



I’m very sorry to hear that, you are not alone.

I received the following email from Fidelity National Title. It is a
move in the right direction:

‘As we continue to partner with you on our transactions, due to an internal change we will require your invoice to be provided to the escrow officer as soon as your services are excepted. Your notary fee will now be collected from the buyer/seller and this charge will need to be reflected on the settlement statement. One of the benefits to you is your invoice will be paid at the time of closing.’

This policy should be the standard for all Title Companies and most especially all Signing Services.

This policy will push the unscrupulous Signing Services out of the industry.

Respectfully, Guy


That is great news… maybe they will be the first to set the stage of changes for the way SS and the notary gets paid. Full transparency should be the standard. I am pround of them for taking this stand.

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OMG! That is incredible! Amazing!

Finally, some integrity, transparency, and decency. I’ve been saying this for months. It doesn’t make any SENSE that NSAs should have to wait for payment, let alone 30, 60, and 90 days. What??? Boom! Right there on the settlement statement for all to see. No more wondering who is getting what and for what.

This should be the standard.