WARNING: AOE Signings, LLC, Tempe, AZ, D Will Torres/CEO => (formerly “Never Sleep Notary” that's now out of business)

Thank you I’m going to turn them down.


I will pretend to be naive: This sounds like, “rob Peter to pay Paul” to me…….

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“My bank put a hold on deposits I made, so your payment was cancelled.”

Most original excuse I have heard yet about why someone doesn’t pay on time.

Look at this!!!..……

I know right….:triumph: That is a first….

Doesn’t anybody check out a signing service before they actually do the job? Maybe I’m just very fortunate, but I have not yet been stiffed on a payment (well, $50 on a $100 job for Bilingual Brothers Notary). I’ve managed to collect on everything so, good for me. But I do check out everything I can on every SS or other entity that send me work. I know that won’t always work, but I try my best. And, I avoid last minute, slam-jam-thank-you-ma’am jobs from SS I don’t know because I will probably not get paid. Why would they pay me when they know they can get away without doing so? Food for thought.

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Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. I just had a funny feeling about this one after I pulled up the order and noticed that there was no payment terms. I sent an email requesting the information and no response.

I called and after hearing the voicemail message it only confirmed that this SS is a one man operation using his cell phone for business. On top of that it was a Saturday appointment and no notary support line. All arrows point to a no on this one and I left a message and email requesting it to be reassigned.

I’m not feeling well either so I have decided to take a break for a few days to handle some personal things.

I would never encourage anyone not to take an order from a signing service, of course. But I can speak to my experience with this guy, whoever he is, and again today, no check— that was supposed to be here yesterday. Mailman has come and gone.

6 years in this biz, only stiffed once, for $50. It’s really not that big of a problem.

He has not responded to my request to be reassigned or returned my phone calls or my emails. Tomorrow if he does not respond I am going to reach out to the lender. I am feeling better and better about saying no to this assignment.

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So I am at a crossroads… I left the loan officer a voicemail as the closing is scheduled for tomorrow at 10:00 am and dude has not responded to any of my messages. Should I disclose the real reason I am turning down the assignment or should I hide the true reason and keep it professional. (Lie).

Perhaps lender/title are not aware of issues with this vendor. They might like to know of problems so they can take corrective action.


So should I disclose the real reason will it come back to bite me in the you know what?

So the lender called me and I simply stated that I am unable to complete the assignment and have been trying to get a hold of the SS for the past few days. I left it at that. He understood and stated that he will get it taken care of and let title know. I have no unpaid invoices and would like to keep it at that.

You’ve got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em. Sometimes you walk away, sometimes you run.

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You never count your money when your sitting at the table. They’ll be time enough for counting when the dealing’s done…… :joy: :cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:

And sometimes you gotta know when to hold your tongue.

Have I said something offensive?

No not at all. I thought what you said was funny but true and I wanted to add the rest! :joy:

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Lo and behold, a check showed up in the mail yesterday, for an order completed 12/21. Count 'em, three months to get paid. Now to see that it clears…