WARNING: Non-Payment A Step Above Signing Service

Hopefully you received a reply. Keep trying, don’t let this go.

I had the same issue she even tried to say that someone broke into her mailbox and stole the check and the police where investigating. I finally had my lawyer contact her and BAM! I all of a sudden received a cashapp payment from her with a text stating oh you didn’t get my cashapp before

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How fast did she get the check after your lawyer contacted her?

No check yet. The title company emailed Jackie from Signinig with Tattz, the company that took over, and she wasn’t happy that I went to them. She stated that I should have contacted her which I replied that I did. I left this go for another week and emailed her, copying the title agent, requesting pay by the end of this week. If she thinks a check was sent I requested a copy of the front and back of a check.

I really don’t have a lawyer to do this and really don’t want to pay the price for one. I am retired and working as a Notary Signing Agent on the side.

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Very bad experience twice!! I did my due diligence on here, and still rolled the dice. Just be polite and you will get paid, and then your payment will bounce with your bank! She paid the bank fee and I finally got my money. DO NOT EVER WORK WITH HER AGAIN!!!


How long did it take you to get paid? I still have not received payment from a June signing for $95.00. Did you have to invoice?

Wow this is literally crazy. And obviously so is she. I will stay far away.

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It took about 90 days. I sent a polite email with an invoice after about 75 days. The response was that the order is just becoming due. The next polite email reminder sent was responded that it was paid and she would reissue a second payment. Third email requesting payment, I said that I would continue to reach out until I received payment. Then I received an echeck, deposited, and she emailed saying it would not clear. It bounced, of course. I sent an email showing a $15 fee from my bank, and she said I told you it wouldn’t clear! Then I got another check for the full amount plus bank fee. All very comical and predictable after reading the forum! This is the only company I have ever sent an invoice to from a signing platform. She should be banned from using the platform. Terrible to make us work so hard to get our money.

I sent an email and contacted her via Signing order for a signing done 5/21/21. She stated the same thing that a check had been sent and she would reissue. I received a check at the end of August and just received notice from my bank that the funds did not clear :expressionless:. Do you recommend sending a copy of the NSF check or just email her again? or contact title?

Yes, I copied and pasted a screenshot of my bank fee into the next email I sent Angie. I think I got a new echeck the next day or two. It cleared, thankfully!! The whole slow/non payment, undelivered check, reissued, bounce ----seemed so… premeditated!. Especially when others report the same situation occurred to them!

Tried calling, no answer at old phone number. Got voicemail for the new phone number listed in Signing order. Sent email with all details of signing and NSF check. Hopefully she will respond. I found the docs in my recycle bin, I now know the title company for the signing.

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Read this thread: Query about A Step Above Signing Service, Angie Fletcher

Please share the email for Julie. I’ve called the number for Signings with Tattz, (334) 399-4099, and it’s been disconnected. There are no active numbers for Angie either. She doesn’t answer emails at Angie-AStepabovesigningservice@outlook.com. The BBB has the same information that I do.

Right away was sent a payment via CashApp

Please share how you were able to make that happen.

this is the one I was never paid for it has been over a year. I do not really work with signing companies anymore, only a few.

Yes the owners name is Angie and though she’s as nice as can be I’m certainly surprised she’s in business?? She’s in Al and it will take threats, emails etc, to get payment, I did one and it’s nuts… Finally paid after a few months …

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