WARNING: Non-Payment Jellyfish signings

Help haven’t been paid going back to October. Nathan owner won’t take calls and doesn’t answer emails. Others have said they called up escrow officers and told them he was no paying, then they got paid. How shall I go about this without this guy blackballing me on signing order? Anyone else have experience with this company?

Regrettably, I had a challenging experience while working with this individual. Despite completing a late-night signing assignment and delivering the service as agreed, I encountered significant difficulties in receiving payment. Despite my numerous attempts through emails and phone calls to resolve this matter, a resolution remained elusive. I ultimately had to cease my efforts.

Strongly advise exercising caution when considering any business engagements with this person.

@Sharca50 & @rossiep18 Sorry to read about your direct experiences of non-payment by this business entity.

===>>> By any chance did you see these threads on Jellyfish signings?



The information available via the GOLDMINE found within the Notary Cafe database is very insightful & helpful.

It’s always wise to research & vet a new client prior to providing a definitive confirmation to them for your initial Signing Order [SO] for them. A great start of research would begin within the Notary Cafe forums Search Function.

Most members find it difficult/nearly impossible to locate the Search Function in order to access the wealth of info available within the database.

To be helpful, I’ve inserted an image for you & others [see below] to help members locate it to unlock the wisdom & knowledge of other members on the forums.

Accessing the database to locate info about potential clients has saved many of us an inordinate amount of time ‘chasing’ payments for Services professionally provided to potential non-payers . . .