WARNING: Oak Tree Legal - Watch out

Watch out for this company. The called and said they would pay immediately via Square, PayPal… To date no payment has been issued to me and no answer to my calls or emails. There is another company with the same name, but different telephone number and they told me someone is using their name and they have received many calls from notaries. If Matthew calls from this “company” beware!

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Is that their company name? Last Sep 2021 I did a signing for them and they never paid me. Now they are not answering the phone or emails. I can’t even find a DBA or corp under this name.

This is the gal that hired me:

Renee Berta
Legal Assistant
OakTree Legal Services
1055 Lakes Drive Suite 255
West Covina CA 91790
(626) 593-0547

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I was contacted by Matthew. He sounded so legit. I found another business with the same name but the person who answered assured me that they do not know Matthew. I don’t know who to believe.

OakTree Real Estate Lawyers
1050 Lakes Dr, Suite 255
West Covina, CA 91790
909 789-0276

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Check the CA bar … Their website says “Oak Tree Real Estate Lawyers”

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Right. But, apparently, they say someone is using their name.

I didn’t find their business name when I searched LA’s fictitious business search engine. It’s really strange… I called the signer and he gave me a # so I will try that tomorrow.

Ugh just sent them my first followup invoice. They told me they paid net 30 day by check or paypal. I talked to a lady not matthew both times. Ive done two jobs for them in a little over a month.

You may want to request an explicit clarification of the remuneration interval; i.e.,

“Is that 30 calendar days? Or, is that 30 business days?”

When you do the calculation of turnaround time, there is a large delta between those two periods of time.

This is the attorney on file with this business.
Natalie Bassler state bar license #210184
Email: nataliebassler@gmail.com
I emailed her this morning basically stating that I will file a complaint with the state bar if I do not receive payment in 2 weeks. She responded in 10 minutes asking for my phone number but have not received a call yet. I was hired by Nicole Green and when I submitted a follow up email with my invoice was told that they were having trouble with their bank accounts and could not send payment at this time. Basically impossible to get a hold of someone unless you leave a voicemail claiming you’re interested in legal services. I think everyone needs to file a complaint with the state bar so this does not keep happening to us hard working notaries. It’s bad enough not getting paid by a signing service but now we cant trust legal professionals either?


@amg.hernandez Thank you for that info! I just looked over the email attachment that I notarized and found her name. You’re good! Why didn’t I think of that?!

If you search for her name on the internet you will see a ton of court cases that she is a part of… Rough 2021 for her! Her full name is Natalie Aghavni Panossian-Bassler, but she goes by Natalie Panossian-Bassler.

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Natalie finally called me. Told me she was not the attorney associated with their California branch, she’s in New York. Said she contacted someone from that office to get in touch with me. She seemed very upset that I was not paid. Hopefully this will get resolved soon.

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Have you made any progress getting payment from them?

Unfortunately still no payment. Natalie did email me 2 days ago checking to see if I received payment yet to which I responded no. It will be 2 months on the 17th so hopefully I receive something by then.

Anyone had any luck getting paid? I’m not getting any response to calls or emails. I did a closing for them in September 2021.

No payment yet I’m at 50 days for one and will be coming up on 30 for another for two signings with them

Just filed a complaint with the state attorney general and i suggest everyone else do the same. If they get enough complaints they will investigate and prevent these frauds from doing business . I dont think I’ll see any money at this point but I just want these people to be held accountable.


How do you do that? I was trying to figure it out without much luck.

I just filled out the form and gave a description of my complaint. Very easy. Hopefully something comes out of it.


I too was scammed by this company. I just today reported Oak Tree LS, aka Oak Tree Fund VI, and [name redacted by admins] to the CA Attorney General. If everyone commenting on this topic will file a complaint as well, the CA AG will pay more attention. Not only are they scamming notaries, I believe they are scamming the people who are signing the docs, which is infinitely worse.

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Oh my gosh!!! I just posted a lengthy post about this very same company, but did not want to list their name quite yet. Now that I see how many notaries they have scammed, I wonder if NotaryCafe can/should do something to prohibit them from accessing the resources of NotaryCafe and continuing to prey on other unsuspecting notaries. That is the way they found me. Unbelievable story: 11/9/21 Nicole Green (nicole@oaktreelegalservices.com) hired me for GNW. I completed work and emailed invoiced. 60+ days go by and “oh so sorry, we’re having trouble with our bank account”. Sent Demand Ltr registered mail. Crickets. Then 2/15/22 received an email from Renee Berta “so sorry. Invoice has been paid thru PayPal. Follow the link below.” PayPal link was wonky and I referred the email to PayPal’s Fraud Dept who said they would research. I contacted Renee again asking for a physical check. I rec’d check and tried to deposit today only to discover the payor had put a Stop Payment on it. Long story short, my concern is certainly for other Notary Cafe NP’s who unwittingly accept assignments from these boldface scam artists. This has nothing to do with problems with bank accounts or someone using their name. It’s habitual, systematic fraud committed by people who know exactly what they are doing. And at this point, I have no problem sharing what I know so far. The company names associated with these guys are Oak Tree Legal Services at 1050 Lakes Dr, Ste 255, West Covina, CA 91790 - 626-593-0547 or 626-593-1309; Equity LG, LLC & Equity Law Group, LLC, at 17211 Penacova St., Chino Hills, CA 91709 (name on the check signed by [Ithink] Matthew Stanford). People associated with these guys are Renee Berta, Nicole Green, & Matthew Stanford. I hope this information is helpful in warning other notaries. Oy vey!