WARNING: Oak Tree Legal - Watch out

That is a great idea Janelle. Thanks for sharing. I didn’t think to contact the Attorney General, but I certainly will do so now. So sorry this happened to you and so many others .

As well, I have spoken with Megan Moore

I wanted to pop back in and admit my naivete. I thought these Forum posts were “in-house” private chats, among peers. But just found out they are publically accessible thru Google. (Who knew?-:frowning: ) As a result of my post, a woman, who is not a notary, just contacted me in tears, saying she found my post on Google, hired these same individuals to help her avoid foreclosure on her home, only to discover she is now being evicted, thousands of dollars are “missing” and previous contacts are no longer valid (according to her). So incredibly sad.

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Ohm my G:(. I am so sad to hear about this. :cry:

She needs to file a compliant ASAP with the Office of the Attorney General of her state!

This one is for Colorado. And they actual call back within 24 hrs.


I didn’t know either! :thinking: I will have to refrain myself from now on. :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:

Omg thats terrible and frankly quite scary. Now im wondering if i should contact the gentleman whos info I notarized to see if he was scammed by this sham company as well.

@amg.hernandez no - your job is done. Do not insert yourself any further into this issue with your signer…you’re not the proper authority to be checking on this. As long as your notarization was conducted properly, that’s all you have to worry about - your liability stops there.

Although this lady’s story is very sad there could be any number of reasons she still ended up in foreclosure - and of course if the foreclosure was adjudicated, natural progression is she has to leave. I feel for her too - but there are too many details missing to make a decision that this is a “sham” company.

Non-payment to notaries? That’s a whole other ball of wax - and I’d take it to 'em good - report them to the Bar Association for their state and, if necessary, to the FTC and FCC for interstate commerce. Als file a complaint with IC3

JMO - and I hope you guys get paid.


Thank you Linda I agree I really dont want to be involved and I appreciate the advice. This is a big learning lesson for sure. I guess I just have to accept my first loss and start requesting payment up front from anyone who calls me out of the blue to “notarize a document for their client”.


I Would not give up on collecting the fee…I just don’t suggest alerting the signer or calling them a “sham” or whatever. By all means, get the money you are owed!!


I filed a complaint with the attorney general and state bar. Not sure if anything will come out of it though. I now notice their website is no longer active and I have not had a single response to any calls or emails I’ve made to Oaktree legal. At this point I dont know what else can be done. I still hope to see the funds owed to me but wont hold my breath.


Thank You, @amg.hernandez for continuing to provide updates/progress. It’s very helpful to other Notary Café members to know your discoveries.



Another good resource is Consumer Affairs (both federal and state offices). This Oaktree bunch needs to be brought to their attention.


Well, that kinda sucks, don’t it?

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I found that out too the other day that is why I do not mention names or quote specific numbers in my post… you never know who will see what is being said and not like it… IJS


their website is no longer active as of sometime this week

I was scammed by Megan Moore in December. I’ve been calling for my $100 payment, said I would get paid by PayPal. I call and email and nothing!

Have any of you gotten paid threw PayPal? If so, what email address did you get the payment from? I want to send a payment request.

These scammers owe me $50 from a November job. Heard the same B.S about having problems with their bank account. My contact was Nicole Green.

Looks like they took on a new name and website. Now they are “Hendricks Group”. Same phone number, nearly identical website and same wording used to describe what they do. I compared it to the cached version of the now defunct website.

If you look up their name or the address that was associated with oak tree legal services there was never a company by that name at that address. I think it only existed online. Same thing with the new entity. The only “Hendricks group LLC” I could find in California doesn’t appear associated with this website.

How do we report this?


Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? But don’t hold your breath…