WARNING: Oak Tree Legal - Watch out

Congrats! May I ask what kind of signing it was? Was it a real estate closing?

It was a contract to hire the law firm to represent them. It was 3-5 pages.

I’m glad to hear it helped!.

You’re right, I forgot to mention it was for California. My apologies.

This happened to me too, I was hire by Nicole Green. They never paid me, totally been goshted. I am also going to report them and contacted the person who hired them for legal services. This is horrible, more so for those individual hiring them for legal services.

I’ve never posted before but couldn’t let my successful payment from OakTree go without sharing what just worked for me. My signing request came from Megan at Oak Tree Legal Fundvi in Cerritos, CA. She had ignored my previous email requesting an update and never answered her phone. I had all but written off the $ owed me mainly because I’d never before been stiffed in 5 years and it was only 1 document close by. It still bothered me & I decided it was worth one more attempt. So using suggestions from all these helpful comments, here’s the email I sent:

Dear Madison -
This will be my last request for payment for the signing I facilitated for you and your company on February 3, 2022, over 75 days ago. By not paying the $80 agreed to, you are in violation of Penal Code 532 and I will have no other choice then to report you and your company to the State Bar of CA and file an Attorney Misconduct Complaint. If payment isn’t received via the agreed upon PayPal account w/in the next 24 hours I will proceed with the above mentioned actions.
Thank you,
Signed by me
I also attached the wording from the penal code someone else had posted previously.

Within 30 minutes (or less) I had notification from Paypal money had been transferred to my account!!!
Thanks to everyone & your suggestions, here’s hoping something like this will work for others on here.


It’s such a shame that these types of steps need to be taken in order to get them money that you rightly deserve. I’m happy that you finally got paid. Maybe now they will be put on notice moving forward and start acting right. I can just imagine what they are saying about Notaries now… I wish I could be a fly on the wall in their office​:joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I sent the same law section, but no reply. My notary work depends on trust and it’s infuriating when people on the other side of the telephone line take advantage of that trust. This is the person who contacted me and now is silent:

Matthew Stanford
Legal Assistant to Natalie Aghavni Panossian-Bassler
Direct Line: (909) 789-0276

OakTree Real Estate Lawyers
1050 Lakes Drive, Suite 255
West Covina, Ca 91790

No, but it is on my list of things to handle! :neutral_face:

I came on here to say I am a client of theirs and they owe us over 30k!!! They have had our funds for over 2 months and are claiming we will see payment on the first of July. I went by their address

1055 lakes Dr.
Suite 255
West Covina, ca

It’s the backside of a Columbia store.

The address doesn’t exist. When I called demanding my funds and mentioned all of you guys not getting paid they denied all allegations and threatened to hold my money in civil court for another 6-8 months and then claimed their building exists even though I was standing at said address waiting for them to arrive. They are scammers and swindlers.

Avoid them

I am going to the Bar, the news and the police tomorrow. If you are a client I suggest you do the same. I believe they are misappropriating client funds, commiting fraud, grand larceny and embezzlement. My belief is they spent my money and are awaiting another person’s payout to pay us off.

They received my check from the trustee on may 3rd, they told me they deposit checks in bulk and their process takes 30-45 days then told me it would take another 2 weeks.

I’m telling my story so they don’t swindle anyone else!!!

Update…In April, I emailed Nicole Green with a final request for payment and quoted the penal code someone shared (thank you!). I received a check in the mail last week and so far, my bank has not notified me that the check bounced. I’m still going to file a complaint with the CA Bar in hopes these people will be caught and will no longer be able to scam the people signing the docs or more notaries.

I’m so sorry this happened to you. I am actually tired of hearing the name Oak Tree on here. I think they should change the name to Owed Tree?

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I have also made a warning post about this company…It’s crazy!! Someone said they finally got paid after threatening them several of times but who wants to go through all of that:\

I wonder if we can file a class action settlement case against them!

Another update and with no surprise, their check bounced.

I would absolutely join in!

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