Website building offer

Is anybody familiar with this company
If so, what is your thought? Did you like them?

@bluesealtx Regrets . . . nothing to offer/extend on this one.


NOTE: It would be helpful, when referencing a questionable url or business entity, to add a space between the “.” and the “com” to preclude the generation of inadvertent direct web traffic and website links for development of their SEO; i.e., “www.90daynotarymarketing. com”

This technique will provide the website info without a direct url link.


The guy called me and he sounds very convincing, but paying upfront I feel like it could be a scam. How do I know if he actually will do what he says he will?

My $0.02 FWIW

I would not pay any entity $300 to do what I can do myself for free - diligent, consistent searching will bring up marketing tips and strategies free for the taking on the world wide web, on this forum and on many other forums. You may want to pay a nominal fee to maintain a website for yourself, but that’s it.

Thing is…it takes diligence to do it yourself. But if you set your mind to it you can do it.


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I concur :100: percent with the post by @LindaH-FL above.


In addition, I’ll add a STRONG caveat about my direct experience in this type of instance . . . the initial website that I subcontracted to be built for a business (about 15 years ago) was performed for a “reasonable fee.”

The difficulty encountered was for edits, insertions, new pages, etc. The website builder withheld the Author/Edit Rights from me (I was the owner of the website).

He charged a $75 fee anytime I needed to alter anything; for example:

  • Fees
  • Words (including editing a SINGLE word)
  • Paragraphs
  • Add/Remove Photos
  • Update text
  • etc.

That “lesson” taught me that I would ALWAYS do more than read the proverbial “Fine Print,” it also taught me to think critically about the potential future scenarios, how those would be addressed/managed, & to ask those germane questions PRIOR to hiring a subcontractor for ANY service.