Wells Fargo Preferred Plan Enrollment Form

I have a Refinance to do in a few days and in the documents I have a Wells Fargo Preferred Plan Enrollment Form. Do I need to have the borrowers fill that out during the signing? And do I include that in the documents when I mail them back?

Thank you in advance!!

It is optional fr the borrowers to fill and sign that plan,yo let them to decide what to do, if they do not want to do it , you just keep going with the signing.

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Best bet…check with hiring party; this way if it comes back at you later you can say “so and so from XYZ company told me to handle it this way”… and get it in writing g…will carry a whole lot more weight than saying “so and so on Notary Cafe to!d me to do it that way”

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Concur with LindaH-FL, @TIMLYNCH , to request explicit execution/completion instructions in writing from your hiring party. This method will ensure that everything is completed as per their required specifications. :sparkles:


Agree. Ask hiring party. A few lenders/loans require this; most don’t/optional. Best to KNOW.


I get these often, its optional, normally if borrower says no, I put not needed at the top of the paper in small print to indicate the borrower opted out… but again you can still check from the hiring company.


I would be very careful doing this…as I recall Wells Fargo (and possibly others) had a product where this was required…borrowers may not remember that little point by the time they sign. ALWAYS check with title or hiring party and never ever write anything on docs


Thank you for the help everyone!! I greatly appreciate it :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:

I have always put a large X on the doc if client doesn’t want it and write declined and have the client initial it. Sometimes it is a lender requirement and it’s part of agreement with lender. Citibank is one that requires it.

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I have done buyers, refis, and mods for WF through different sources, and they always include this form. But 1 out of 20-30 customers actually signs up for it (at the closing). I just have them write “Declined” and initial at the signature page. To this day, it has never been an issue.

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All loans mods that I have conducted for WF thru FASS include this form. With the very first one I did, I asked If it was required to be filled by signers. They told me it was optional. From that day forward I briefly describe the form and 99% of signers decline so I don’t write anything on the form, send it back with the package with a post it note explaining the signers declined and also when I close the order on FASS platform (website) I write the same thing on the note section.


That’s the best protocol…posts it note…as opposed to writing directly on the form

When I used to attach post-its on the docs, I used to have the signers initial and date the note

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With any of those types of forms, @LindaH-FL , I have developed the same process you’ve identified.

Write nothing on the form if they Decline the “offer.”
Give them a note pad to briefly explain the reason for their decision.
They initial their note/reason.
Whether it’s a ‘sticky’ note (or not), I staple it to the document (to ensure it’s secured in-place).

Unfortunately, paper-clipped and/or sticky notes can become dislodged & create an “error” or “defect” or confusion . . . :angel:

P.S. As Arichter mentioned, do look for the “Check Box” option for Decline. If the signers check that box, they’ll need to execute the document.

I’ve always had them block print DECLINED right above the signature line and had them sign it.
Not one complaint in over 25 years about doing it this way. My reason for doing it this way is so hiring party knows signers saw this option, but don’t wish to do so. (I also see a few of these forms that DO have a check box to ‘decline’.)


I’m assuming that is for the auto pay Wells Fargo doesn’t require that to complete the loan. But Citibank signings require the auto pay to be completed by the borrow or you adjourn the signing.
There’s always a notice before the actual form they fell out for the auto pay.