What Do You Do When You Catch a Signing Service In a Lie?

Okay so for the past 4 weeks I’ve had to physically call said signing service and say I did NOT get paid. From what I understand checks are supposed to go out the Friday following the 30th day the signing was performed. Week after week I find myself on the phone with the same person like its groundhog day or something. After a while I was given the email of the person who handles payroll. He told me that payroll checks are not paid out on the weekends. I sent him screenshots of the last three checks I received…two on Saturday and one on Sunday. When I presented him with this proof, his story completely changed. He proceeded to tell me that their company pays out so many notaries on Fridays that their system crashes and checks would then be issued over the weekend. I’m not slow by a long shot. I am a licensed pharmacy technician and loan signing agent in SEVERAL states and I find it offensive that a company as large as this would play with my intelligence and my money the way that they do. Any advice??