What is going on

First Class Signing has sent out 4 notices same city and same time. I think it’s the same one. This has come through Snapdocs. Each time I click that I’m available and then 2 min. later it comes up again. Is it me they don’t want me? I’ve never worked for this company. What’s wrong with asigning it to me?

It’s not you. These Apps are all hinky. Some all the time; some just part of the time. Never seen one that works all the time.


I’ve had that same exact issue, and I’ve done, and responded to, many dozens of signings on both Snapdocs and Signing Order. The only time I’ve had the exact issue you described, is when I’ve said “I’m available” on Snapdocs (and I’ve also gotten signings that way, too).

My suggestion would be: this is a perfect opportunity to get to know First Class Signings. Give them a call, explain what happened, and let them know you’ll do a great job for them in your area, and ask them to mark you as a Favorite on Snapdocs. Hardly any signing agents take this step, and it only takes a couple of minutes to do. It’s a great way to have more visibility with every signing service you work with.


Hello Earnest - I had the same experience initially with First Class, I gave them an inquiring call and found that I needed to be Fidelity approved. They assisted me with the forms and since then I have had overwhelming opportunities.

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how do I find the number for them?

When you click on a signing for First Class go up to the top left “Contact Us” click that and you will get their number and email address. Shoot them an email to request Fidelity documents to expand your opportunities. Once you get that emailed back to them and approved, you can update your profile to get more hits.

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For some reason they aren’t accepting you. Call to find out. I had a very similar experience with another company using Snapdocs. I accepted the job and it kept coming up. I called and was told they couldn’t use me b/c I had a ‘low rating’ on Snapdocs. I tried finding out more about that, via Snapdocs and got nowhere. Oh well- NEXT…

thanks for responding. I’ll do that for sure next time it happens. thanks

Hi signwithmichele, it’s fairly easy to get a high rating on Snapdocs. The main thing is to get Snapdocs verified, which is not hard, if you are NNA certified and have all the standard items (i.e E&O insurance) in place.

What is my ranking and how do I see it? – Snapdocs.

Also, pertinent to point out that I only have one Snapdocs signing, and I still have a High rating on Snapdocs. (I have many dozen total signings, just not via Snapdocs).

Thanks for the reply. I also have a high ranking and I’ve only done 3 total signings. so there must be other factors inivolved

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Hi Doug
I do have a ‘HIGH’ next to my ranking on the link you sent me. However, there is another ‘behind the scenes’ point system that we don’t have access to- per the person at the signing company that I called regarding the notifications I kept getting, even though I’d responded “ACCEPT” to - other companies can make negative comments about you, w/o you ever knowing or being able to refute. Hence,- the point system that exists. This particular company wouldn’d take a notary with a point ranking of under whatever number they assigned ( I’ve forgotten by now). I was just under it due to some comments on my ‘behind the scenes’ profile which by the way- didn’t have the name of the company that made the remarks for me to find out anything. Snapdocs customer service gave me the run around - and I contacted them several times. Got nowhere

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Thanks for that detail. I didn’t know about that, at all. Good information for any of us who use Snapdocs.

Snapdocs id full of BS. Don’t need them.

I’ve been at this for just over a month. I’ve done 3 with snapdocs so far

You have to be Fidelity approved by each signing service separately. Fidelity approval with First Class Signing is only good for working with them so I would not state In my profile that I was “Fidelity approved” unless I was directly approved which I understand is near impossible these days.

Actually, it is against their regulations to advertise that you are fidelity approved in any profile or business advertisement. That restriction is in their agreemt with you at the outset.

Also, if you get sponsored by an escrow officer and approved, you are approved for everyone… Not restricted to any one particu!ar SS… Now I don’t know about you but I would rather go through the approval process once per year to cover all than 92 times for each individual SS…but that’s just me.

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Yes, agreed but I understand it is near impossible to get through an escrow officer and it is unprofessional to “request”? Not 100% on this but it is what I have read. I think each of us has to do our due diligence.