What is T.B.D. This company

Can somebody explain to me, what is T.B.D. I have this company that instead to say the time only say T.B.D.

To Be Determined… which can mean they haven’t set it up with the B yet but usually–YAY-- means YOU & B reach a mutually agreeable time.

I more confused now that before.

Why more confused? Usually when you get a call from a company they TELL you the signing is at XX o’clock - and usually no wiggle room; that’s the time THEY have set with the borrowers/signers for YOU to go to them - without consulting you about your schedule first…

When a company requests your services at a time TBD - that means YOU have the control of setting what time you and the borrowers/signers can agree upon. The company has set the date (based on a number of other factors in the background) but the company is telling you to do it at a time YOU can accommodate.

As Arichter said - that’s a YAY in our book.

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