What is wrong with my post?

What is wrong with my post! I am sharing great tips to all! Please explain.

I’m going to take a shot and guess that it’s because of your statement of them taking first lien position. I, personally and from 30 years experience in real estate closings and the mortgage industry, believe that’s bad info.

I will say this - calling Admin out publicly about your disagreement with a decision they apparently made is not the best way to make friends and influence people.


This 1st lien position part is true but rare. I was told by a former CFPB commissioner. I was shocked to hear that is even possible too. I would never put something out there that is bad info. I thought I was sharing good info but I guess the bias is against me no matter what I say on here? Maybe I will leave for good.

Bias? What bias? Because someone (not me, BTW, so we’re clear on that) disagrees with your post? Sorry, that happens on a public forum…as long as it’s done politely and with decorum it’s called a debate or exchange of ideas.

As for leaving for good - that’s entirely up to you. You’ve said it before…a couple times. Whatever makes you happy.


I appreciate the reminder. This is truly a waste of my time. Sharing positive and inspirational pics or posts are not acceptable on here. Gloom and doom posts are ok.

….the posts aren’t meant to be “gloom and doom”, and I am sure that your inspirational and positive posts are very well-meant. I have no doubt that your intention is absolutely 100% good!

It is wonderful that you are doing so well still! Good for you-I hope it continues for you! I just would like you to keep in mind that unfortunately it’s NOT good right now for pretty much everyone else and it had a absolutely nothing to do with how hard they market themselves, how deep they dig, how full of sunshine and rainbows their attitude is or how good they are-the fact remains that it is NOT possible to make it as an NSA as a primary income. It just isn’t. We NEVER once in history had interest rates at rock bottom at the same time a pandemic hit…think about this, please.

I think that sometimes your well-intended posts appear as though you are putting other folks down who are experiencing this big slowdown. Sometimes your posts seem as though you are telling folks that they are just not good enough at this because “if you just dig deeper you will find it” and sometimes it almost feels as though you are rubbing their noses in the fact that YOU remain as busy as always. I do not mean to be negative, but your run will also end soon…this is a fact (I’ve been predicting the end of our brilliant run for months) and has nothing to do with your positive outlook and quality of signings…it’s just a fact.

There just isn’t enough business anymore (FACT) due to both the saturation of notaries and a significant lack of business and I’ve explained why in great detail several times. Soooo when a newbie who has invested a ton of money and time into this based on what they heard about the business 2 years ago posts here inquiring whether everyone else is slow and asking what they can do, it’s fair and ethical to be real with them. And this is what most of us are doing here: BEING REAL. I do not want ANYONE to feel as though they failed or are just not working hard enough when it really has nothing to do with anything they are doing or not doing……and sooooo when I see a post from someone who doesn’t understand why the business isn’t rolling in like thunder, I always take a few minutes to enlighten them. This way they can prepare themselves for The Truth, and can plan accordingly in order to feed their children. It’s not negative, it’s not “sour grapes”, it’s not because I don’t work hard enough. “If they don’t answer the front door, go to the back door” doesn’t work when there aren’t any orders to begin with.

My own direct clients that I discussed referring you to have laid off more than 70% of their staff, and I’m only getting 2-3 a month from them now. Although your posts don’t bother me personally, I can see where some folks would be offended. I AM an outstanding signing agent-and I did very, very, VERY well. But now, I could call on title companies and lenders ALLLLLL DAY LONG and never get enough business to make a living. Doesn’t matter that I am a pro or dang good at what I do, rarely make mistakes, am extremely accommodating and easy to work with, provide scanbacks AND docs go back same day, am loved by borrowers (and their pets)-none of this matters because there’s no business to be had. FACT.

I hope I’ve helped you see this from a different perspective because I’m certain you do not mean to come across this way!


I wish you and everyone the best of luck. I have asked Mike to close my account. Thanks for reminding me not to waste my time on here anymore…

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Concur :100: percent!


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I agree that our forums have seen quite a bit of “doom and gloom” posts - and we are trying to encourage helpfulness and cooperation. As the industry deals with iinterest rates, Notaries are affected.

The solar company topic was locked (by me) in an effort to curb heated discussion. @VIPnotaryCO , I do apologize for not contacting you directly with an explanation - I admit the reasoning was not clear.

Whenever moderation occurs, there is someone who is left unhappy. Unfortuantely, I do not have the ability to constantly the forums, so the actions I take are usually reactionary and may seem biased. Please know that this is not the case. Sometimes, in order to previent a wave of “revenge flagging” and frustrated emails, I just have to close problematic posts. That does not mean the originating post is breaking rules, but something in the entire converstation has made it necessary.

EDIT - THIS POST IS BEING LOCKED. The discussion here at Notary Cafe should not be about "you vs me,’ but should be centered on providing guidance and insight to those who need it.

Mike @ Notary Cafe


I understand, agree with and appreciate your decision to end that thread. Thank you for staying on top of it because YES, Things get heated very quickly and it’s not fun or helpful to anyone.