What printing is worth

A discounted charge of 2.8¢ per one-sided sheet printed by FedEx ought to tell us something, yes?

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I have calculated my printing costs at $0.05 per page, which I think is reasonable based on cost of paper, toner and wear and tear on the printer. I’d be interested to know what other people think their print costs are. Thanks!

FedEx is printing for that price through a business discount program for 2.8 cents per page. NOT their normal everyday price. So no, 2.8 per page does not properly present cost of printing. The title and mortgage companies want only us to print packages, not release the private information to FedEx or anyone else. That information is not to leave our hands.

Printing is cheap!

I buy a Lexmark T640 Refurbished printer for 299.00 (35 ppm) add a 500 count drawer (referbished) $38.00
I get four years or 675K sheets before a new fuser

so 299 + 38 is 337 divided by 675,000 = .00049 per sheet

Toner (after market) = $68.00 per 18000 pages = .0037 per sheet

Paper = 30.00 per case / 5000 sheets = .006 per sheet

.00049 + .0037 + .006 = .01019 per page ( no I did not count electricity but go ahead and throw in a nickel per print job LOL)

Just over 1 cent per page

even a 200 page file is $4.08 for 2 copies

You pay way too much, I make money on printing at $25.00 per file…

If you read your contract, you are the only one allowed to print documents. FedEx and Office Max/Depot have a business program you can join and print for a low price but again you are supposed to be the only one printing the docs.

Hi wanted to know if your printer will automatically print the size that it needs to print from like the legal and letter mix?