What your worth in Texas

I’m reading a lot of comments on fees. I’ve worked for years urging newbies to turn down low fees.
This is set in stone for me

Base $ 125.00 just to start my car
Fax/scanbacks addl. 25.00
Page content over 100 addl. 25.00
Fee covers a 60 mile radius over 60 miles is $1.00 per mile addl.

A REVERSE WHICH IS 300 pages (usually) my fee starts @ 200.00 because of the cost & length of time spent.

I hope this helps some of you


Totally agree with the 'set 'em & forget ‘em’ attitude on fees charged. I will also say that, while my base fee is lower than yours…ain’t no way it’s good for a 60 mile radius–only 20, then travel time factors in heavily. My point is that everyone really HAS to spend some time thinking about what factors affect a PROFITABLE fee for them. It’s a big country with many variables…time of day traffic, tolls, parking, mileage, travel time, pkg size/table time, to name a few of many others. One size simply does not fit all. I, too, am stunned by what newbs think (or, more to the point–fail to THINK) is acceptable. When everything is factored in, they don’t seem to realize that cash flow does NOT equate profit and they are working for chump change or worse.

Some newbie Notaries Public are newbie business owners and have little to no business education.

Unlike a business person, they may say/think they made $30 an hour with no costs.

Why, you may be asking, because they have gasoline in the car so they didn’t ‘have’ to buy gas to get to the appointment.

They may have paper, toner, printer, computer, etc. so they didn’t ‘have’ to buy any of these items to get the job done.

They may have insurance on their car so they didn’t ‘have’ to pay for insurance (It’s likely they haven’t told the insurance company they are using the car for business).

And there is more…

Thanks. I need this going forward.

Yes, does a great deal.