Widmer Closing Services

I did a signing on July 25 and have not been paid, despite my efforts to collect. I will keep trying but just wanted to warn people.

Me too. Closed July 26, 2018. Not cool.

report them to the title company and the better business bureau, and the business licensing agency

Here is how you get paid.

  1. Call the title company that Widmer got the order from. Talk to the Escrow offer on this order, tell them that you have not been paid from the signing company on this signing. Tell them that you “the title company” need to pay me or I will put a lien on the customer property. I will even contact the customer, and tell them the situation. Tell the title company how you would like to handle this? Also, try to get into a 3 way call with Gary at Wilder & the title officer.

  2. If the title company, blows you off, call them everyday, until they call Gary, and Gary pays you.

Be a pain in their side. This works for me everytime.

Good luck

Agree for the most part except with this part. #1 - we do not have any lien rights against the property; and #2 the signers had nothing to do with the SS and have already paid the fee - they should be left out of it entirely.

But yes, harass the title company - they need to know how their chosen SS is treating the notaries; might also mention that if it comes to you bringing a small claims action for payment, they will be named a defendant. Another route is find out who owns the title company - if an attorney, report them to the state Bar Association.

Thank you for all the good suggestions. The owner of the title co is an attorney. What would be the basis of a complaint to the state bar assn? Is he liable for my payment if the signing co doesn’t pay?

I’m in the same boat - my closing with Widmer was on July 6. After many “excuses”, supposedly my check is in the mail. We will see…

I asked a question on a lawyer website called AVVO.com on whether the title co is responsible for paying me if the signing co doesn’t pay and the answer is no. So we can’t sue the title co or file complaints against them. All we can do is ask them to contact the signing co. In this case I have asked them twice to contact Widmer and they did but he is still not paying. Here is the answer to my question if you are interested.


I’m in Honolulu Hawaii and the same thing happened to me with Gary, did a last minute sellers package for $90 and that was on 8/10. He’s emailed me twice saying the check was being mailed out that night but nothing. Then when I got him on the phone last week he told me his business was down 60% and he was having severe cash flow issues. I just called the escrow company in St Louis and they told me that there’s nothing they can really do but they did ask me to email them my invoice and that they’d reach out to Gary to ask him to pay me.

My experience w Gary is that he does pay, just very slowly. I accept his signings but I don’t expect payment for 2 mos! They’re always easy signings n very close to home.

I got my check yesterday. I won’t do business with him again because he told me several times that the check would be mailed the next day and it wasn’t. I only do business with people whose word I can count on. He also should have disclosed up front that it would take 60+ days to get paid. I think if it takes 60 days to get paid the co. is paying their bills with money that should have gone to me.

So looks like I am in the same boat. Did 2 closings in August and 1 in September. Have heard all excuses from Gary, i.e., title company has not paid me; closings are down and it is very hard on my end; check was mailed last Friday; mail was not picked up until Monday, give it a couple of more days. I live within 1 1/2 hour drive. I know it does not take 3-4 days to same my check in the same state. I have called the title company, and Jen knew exactly who I was calling about when I identified myself, She stated she has received from Gary that he received the August and September closing payments. Sooooo…I told him he had 1 hour to transfer money into my PayPal account. He indicated he was not going to pay me 2 times. If I do not have my check today, I will contact 2 National Title Insurance Companies and advised them of the issue and they will send emails to all of their clients indicating Widmer does not pay and then no one will contact him for closings. (The benefits of having worked for Title Companies :slight_smile: )

have typo’s in the above. I know it does not take 3-4 days to mail and receive my check in the same state; She stated she has received confirmation from Gary that he received the August and September closing payments ( a little frustrated when I typed the original reply)

Well, well, well… Guess what was in my mailbox? A check from Widmer Closing Services! Hope you all have a similar experience soon.

It took me 3 months to get paid; deposited it, and got a bank notice today that his check bounced! Darn!!!

File your complaint here, Currently has A+ rating with BBB.

link: https://www.bbb.org/us/oh/perrysburg/profile/real-estate-services/widmer-closing-services-0422-90167257

BBB doesn’t allow complaints to be filed unless you are the customer. In this case we are independent contractors and can’t file for unpaid wages.

I spoke to Gary about a month ago. He told me he is going out of business! He asked me not to mention it on the boards but I feel we should help each other out. I have mentioned this on another site. Widmer Closing Services have been on my watch list and I did do a signing for him in Aug. No payment yet. He gave me the same stories I have been hearing for years. But he has always paid me!

I did a signing for Gary Widmer in August of this year and haven’t heard from him since. I’m furious. We need better protection from these predatory signing companies. He should be held liable and forced to pay every notary that he’s stolen money from or go to jail. This is wage theft and shouldn’t be taken lightly. I wonder how many thousands of dollars he’s stolen from hard working people.

I just got paid by Gary, email me and I’ll tell you how. jamesz8809 @ gmail.com