Wording in vendor contract

Is this unusual: Attorney Fees
In the event litigation is commenced to enforce any of the terms of this Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to it reasonable attorneys fees and costs. This Agreement shall be governed by interpreted pursuant to the laws of the State of Florida

Is this an contract that someone wants you to sign in order to get business from their company?

They are a signing company.

So, this is part of a contract the signing company wants you to sign, or - is it part of a loan package? If it’s a contract, I wouldn’t sign it, and I’d tell the signing service to find someone else. If they asked you to sign the contract after you’ve completed a job for them, then they need to pay you for the job and choose to never use you again. As a side note, who is the company and have you done research on their reputation for payment?

I haven’t done any work for them, first I would have to sign the contract to sign and submit the contract. The research I did doesn’t have a bad reputation, couldn’t find much of anything about them.

What company Kay? And Vendor Agreements are not unusual at all…