Xome signings requests

Who has worked with Xome? Opinions? Do you turn over your entire background screen to this company?

Xome is fine to work with if $90 per assignment is okay with you. They pretty much have a “one price fits all” structure. They do Bank of America signings now, which require faxbacks, so that’s an added task to each job. The good news is that they pay within 2 weeks with no hassle.


Yes, I have worked with XOME. You have to respond fast on the app. It works only thru app.
If you are first in line to accept, you will be assigned the contract.
$90 fixed, and they pay fast. No complaints.


All their signings around here are like 100 miles away for $75. unacceptable :rage:

Which state you are in?
I think ( I am not sure ) but, You can limit the radius of your travel coverage on the APP and wont get bothered.
Not sure why its 75 , but it is always 90. Anything less, I respond with DO NOT ACCEPT and put my number down.

Someone is always desperate to snatch it up. So unless notaries Unite… This exploitation will continue.


I am in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. They wanted me to go to FL west coast or 3 counties over north for that rate. Obviously I replied NO is to o little money and Obviously someone else took it :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t care.

You just have to set your boundaries for what’s acceptable to you for a $90 fee and don’t waver. If someone else wants the job, let them have it.

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Keep in mind that with all of their BofA signings faxbacks are required and they don’t disclose that with the order. If you are okay with $90 regardless of what the job entails then they are a decent company. and pay in a timely manner. I honored the signing at that fee (reluctantly) because I had committed to it due to being slow at the time before learning their policy (even though they should have disclosed this) but, as they say, when we know better, we do better :slight_smile:

As far as I am concerned, Xome is a 1st class outfit. Easy to do business with and top notch in all of our dealings.


Their Code of Conduct states that your background check must be submitted with each signed loan packet. Will they deduct from your fee if you don’t do this?

I am brand new to this biz, and just downloaded the application packet for Xome. They ask for references and experience, but since I’m new, have none. Should I put this on hold until I have experience, or will they consider my
application nonetheless?

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$90 fits all? Really happy I did not download the App.

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Thats not true. I did a bunch of signings.

They doc you arbitrarily for even the most minor mistakes with no real consistency to what they decide to doc your pay for or even a notice that they will do so,

I like to take signing from them.

Update: The app is fixed!! yea!!

I have done signings for Xome for about 3 years now using their app and although they do only pay $90 in most cases, and they do dock you for the tiniest mistake, even if it’s easily fixed and does not delay anything, which is super frustrating, the only company I work for that does this, They do pay very timely and I have had a lot of work from them which is great.

Up until the last three months

The app crashed about three months ago and does not work for Android users at all. It is impossible to keep the app open to try to “catch” work because it automatically times out, so I have missed TONS of work since then. SOOOOO frustrating!! and they keep telling us they are getting it fixed, but nothing so far. I’m so sad that I can’t give them an excellent rating because of this. They need to switch to text message notifications ASAP. It’s not fair that only Apple users get the work


Are they willing to work with new signing agents and what is the least amount they’ll accept for E&O insurance?

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where is this place I am in cali

I just did my first Xome signing a week or two ago and just received an email with saying they paid me $90 (woo hoo no errors) by check. How do they issue their checks, via email or will it come in the mail?

Yes via U.S. mail, in about 10-12 days! Large pkgs, $90.00 max!

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