Your thought on this

What do you do when SS (or TC) combines two orders and make it seem like it’s only one? For example, a Refinance package and at the end of the package they add the Initial Loan package. What can you do about this? And to top it all off, they only want to pay you peanuts for 250 pages!!

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Could you elaborate? Not sure what you mean by “original loan package.”

Call the company once the signing is complete and ask.

I disagree - when you get a signing package and see there’s an entirely separate document package (in this case the original application package) - the time to contact the company and renegotiate your fee is before you print - not AFTER the fact when you have a fully executed package and you’re locked into a done deal “for peanuts”.


I see Loan application signing as part of all my refinance packages. I think it is easy for them and save :smile:

I have had 2 of these recently. I’m not sure whats going on but it’s definitely taking advantage of us. If it happens again I will call the company before I print and ask for more money. It is 2 packages rolled into 1.